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News: Ultimo Hombre Brings Social Gaming to Birmingham

Gaming writer James Law gives us a preview of Ultimo Hombre, a social gaming event coming to Birmingham's Pryzm this March

On March 18th 2018, Birmingham’s Pryzm nightclub, will become the venue of Ultimo Hombre, a massive gaming session that allows you to play a huge variety of games including FIFA, Overwatch, Mario Kart, Pac-Man, and Call of Duty. It’s a chance to turn gaming into a more social experience, playing with friends and meeting new ones whilst showcasing your (above average) skills. All gamers are welcome there, and hopefully it will be a good opportunity to meet like-minded people you may not have come across otherwise!

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Throughout the day there will be a variety of different gaming tournaments that are broadcast all around the event in a format similar to eSports. Players will be able to compete or spectate, seeing the most intense and high-level gameplay Birmingham has to offer (I’ll hopefully be roasting my opponents on FIFA). It will also be streamed on the Ultimo Hombre social media and YouTube channels, so if I play well enough I will probably be scouted by a pro team, drop out of uni and become a professional gamer. Which is exactly how it works. Regardless, even if I don’t make it big, there will be leaderboards and prizes throughout the event, so, even if you aren’t a hashtag gaming genius such as myself, you’re still in with a shot at glory.

With leaderboards and prizes on offer all day, even if you aren’t a hashtag gaming genius such as myself, you’re still in with a shot at glory.

There will be two sessions throughout the day, which starts at 10am, with the evening session being 18+ only, allowing you to neck VKs to numb your sorrows about being worse at video games than me. Pryzm being the massive club it is, there will be a variety of rooms to choose from to suit all your gaming needs, including a dedicated stage to try out the latest in virtual reality technology – something I’m looking forward to, given that I haven’t ever been able to use VR. It’s also a chance for players to play games on a wildly powerful PC that blows anything I have ever owned out of the water. The organisers want Ultimo Hombre to be the start of a new age of social gaming, bringing people of all genders, ages and backgrounds together to share our hobby. Whether you’re a wild fanatic or a casual player, Ultimo Hombre promises to be an amazing day for all.


So, I’ll hopefully see you there, and will be back with a review of the event after it’s done! Their website has more details and ticket info and tickets can be booked here. Looks like it’ll be a fun as hell day.


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