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Impressions: City of Shroud

In an age of episodic gameplay, Redbrick Gaming previews a unique offering to the genre

These days episodic games are all the rage, from Telltale’s Batman to the new Hitman. But have you ever wanted to be part of your favourite show, to make the decisions that changed the ending? Well in Abyssal Arts’ City of Shroud, you can do just that. City of Shroud is a unique tactical RPG, where the choices of the players write the story and the challenges of the next episode. From the alliances you choose and the enemies you make, the story evolves according to your choices.

Stride into the story and the streets of Iskendrun, a city where the danger is palatable, as the city teeters on the brink of civil war. About to be torn asunder by 5 rival factions, you’ll meet a range of characters in your quest to save the city or set it on the path to destruction, as you attempt to solve the mystery of the Shroud; shadowy band of villains, who prey on the weak and are hiding among the strong.  Someone is harbouring the Shroud and it’s your job to find out.

In this turn based tactical RPG, the attacks are all performed in real-time, adding to the pace of the game, where you’ll control a number of characters, as you battle the Shroud’s minions through the city. Each character has a range of attacks and special moves, which can very easily daisy chained together for some killer combos attacks. Through the use of a graphical attack wheel and rather simple controls, it’s easy to pick up City of Shroud and dive straight into the gameplay. Guided through by quirky characters, such as the Hat Merchant, you’ll soon feel at ease with the game, no matter your past experience.


Developed by a small team and aided by fantasy novelist, Moira Katson, City of Shroud has quite a unique plot, and it will certainly be interesting to see how many people are drawn in by its unique style. How many people will rise to the challenge and carve their mark on each episode? Where the player’s decisions produce the metrics that shape the episode for future players and inspire the story going forward. Every player during each episode will ultimately help to write the final game, that everyone will play once all the episodes are over. Currently in development, you can download a demo version from, with the full version set to be released on Steam in the Summer.

Update: Abyssal Arts have recently announced that City of Shroud will be released onto PC and Mac in Summer 2018, with the PS4 and Xbox One ports to follow in 2019.

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