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Impressions: Crackdown 3

Gaming Editor and Crackdown fan Nick Burton questions the future of the upcoming Xbox exclusive Crackdown 3

Being a huge Crackdown fan, and a moderate Crackdown 2 fan, I was extremely excited when Microsoft first revealed the existence of Crackdown 3 way back at E3 2015. It’s coming up to the end of 2017, and now is the time to be concerned and worried for Xbox’s exclusive. Not only have we heard very little about the game since its announcement, we haven’t been informed about its cloud-based multiplayer since 2014. Let’s dissect this upcoming game, and see what exactly is going on with Crackdown 3.

One thing I can safely report is that the game looks extremely fun (especially if Terry Cruz will in fact star within the game). Blowing up buildings, throwing cars at criminals, and destroying giant robots with your bare hands = fun. This should always be at the core of concern when it comes to a Crackdown title. The first game wasn’t remembered because of its story or simple but effective graphics. It was remembered because even now, it is still one of the most enjoyable games to have been released over the last decade.

Having a grand-old-time playing a Crackdown title is the main concern for an upcoming entry, and Crackdown 3 looks to be fulfilling this legacy. On the note of simple graphics however, the game does look sub-par considering how far we are into this console generation. I’m not too concerned about this however, as long as the poor graphics are sacrificed for smoother, more fluid gameplay. I think this is a smart decision, since once again, enjoying playing Crackdown is more important than how the game looks.

Furthermore, it seems that the same progression system found in the first game will probably implemented within this one also. That progression system being you level up your efficiency with whatever you wish, depending on how much you use that skill. For example, you level up your efficiency with using firearms by killings criminals with your firearms. To level up your agility and jump-capabilities, you find agility orbs scattered throughout the city. It’s an enticing progression system that rewards your personal play-style. Not only does this game look like it’ll be using the original’s progression system, it will also include the incredibly fun 4-player co-op mode as well. Playing Crackdown is fun as hell on your own, but when you have others join in on the chaos and explosions, it only doubles the enjoyment you have while exploring the dense Pacific City.

As mentioned above, the game will take place once again in Pacific City, the same location as the previous two games. It’s not clear how much the developers will change the landscape of the three districts of Pacific City, but I’m sure it’ll feel fresh, yet familiar. That will be the best balance to entice old and new players alike. The agency is the morally questionable organisation that you work for in both games, and I hope that the developers really play with the questionability of the agency that the sequel ignored. It was a pleasant twist at the end of the first game to discover the agency wasn’t what it seemed, and to use this twist effectively could advantageous for the developers, as it could create a better story than we expect from a Crackdown game.

All in all, this discussion is good. But there is still an over-arching issue with this game. That is, the multiplayer. Back when Microsoft were focused on using the term ‘cloud’ all the time, the developers were actually implementing some of this ‘cloud-power’ into Crackdown 3’s multiplayer. Allowing players to destroy multiple buildings, and cause mass carnage through using the power of the ‘cloud’. There was a brief demonstration on IGN a couple of years ago, and admittedly, it looked extremely fun. So, where is it? We haven’t seen the multiplayer since that IGN video, and this relates is my main worry for the game. Is Microsoft messing with this game? It’s been fairly recent since the closure of Lionhead Studios (who produced some of my favourite games of all time) and since the cancellation of Scalebound.

Is Microsoft close to axing one of its few exclusives coming to the Xbox platform because of its many delays? Only time will tell. Rest assured, I am worried for this games future and quality of its gameplay until I see some more trailers and reveals. What are some of the criminal bosses we will be fighting against? Will they have unique characteristics, in similar vein to the first game? Is the multiplayer progressing as expected? How long will the main campaign be? All of these questions will be answered in due course. I hope.

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