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    An Ode To Dishonored 2

    James Marvin openly gushes about his personal Game of the Year, Dishonored 2

    Written by James Marvin on 30th January 2017


    Review: Shu

    Redbrick Gaming tries to out-run the unrelenting storm in Coatsink and Secret Lunch's speed running sidescroller, Shu

    Written by Roshni Patel on 21st November 2016


    Review: Dark Souls 3 DLC – Ashes of Ariandel

    Gaming's Will Gillingham battles the series' fiercest bosses yet, to review the latest DLC for Dark Souls 3 - Ashes of Ariandel

    Written by Will Gillingham on 11th November 2016


    Review: Battlefield 1

    Redbrick Gaming Editor James Marvin takes a trip into the past to review DICE's highly anticipated Battlefield 1

    Written by James Marvin on 5th November 2016


    Review: Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo

    Redbrick's Dan Steeden is left longing for November 23rd as he plays the new demo of the hotly anticipated Pokémon Sun and Moon

    Written by Dan Steeden on 21st October 2016


    Review: Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode One

    James Marvin dons the cowl of the Caped Crusader and let's us know how Telltale Games have done with their latest series based on the DC Comics legend.

    Written by James Marvin on 7th August 2016


    Review: DOOM (2016)

    Nicholas Burton picks up his Super Shotgun and dives headfirst into the depths of Hell in his review of id Software's DOOM (2016).

    Written by Nicholas Burton on 7th August 2016


    Indie Review: Youtubers Life

    Ben Musgrove takes a look at the new indie game that's had Youtubers ironically interested.

    Written by Ben Musgrove on 2nd August 2016


    Review: Overwatch

    James Lentschner delves inside of Blizzard's new sensation

    Written by James Lentschner on 2nd August 2016


    Review – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

    A series-long Uncharted fan, Mason gives us an in-depth but spoiler-free review of A Thief's End.

    Written by Mason Cusack on 4th June 2016


    Review: Free The Blobs

    Roshni braves the depths of a saturated mobile market to discover a puzzle pearl, at EGX Rezzed.

    Written by Roshni Patel on 22nd May 2016


    Review: Iron Snout

    It's free, it's addictive as anything, and it's got kung-fu pigs. What's not to love? Roshni Patel investigates Iron Snout.

    Written by Roshni Patel on 16th March 2016
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