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The Gilmore Girls Revival – What We Know So Far

TV writer Zoe Screti speculates on the upcoming Gilmore Girls reunion

Ever since the announcement that Gilmore Girls would be returning this year, exclusively on Netflix, the internet has been a whirlwind of cast announcements, plot hints, set selfies and fan excitement. Nearly ten years after the show last aired, our most loved characters will officially be back with even more coffee, cultural references and drama than before. To say we’re excited is an understatement!

Perhaps the best news is that Amy Sherman-Palladino will be writing the revival which will come in four extended episodes, each representing a season in the year. Sherman-Palladino, who was not involved in the writing of the last season of the show (and let’s face it, that was the season that didn’t quite satisfy fans as much as previous seasons) has famously asserted that she was unhappy with the way the show ended saying “the last season was the last season, s**t happens”, so will the revival be her way of getting the ending she has been dreaming about? Reportedly, Sherman-Palladino had planned from the beginning to end the show with four magical words, four words that are being kept firmly under wraps so that we know neither what they are or who was meant to say them (she certainly knows how to keep fans in suspense!). Is it too much to hope that the revival will end as she had always been planned? Will those mysterious words finally be spoken in real life? We certainly hope so!

'The best news is that Amy Sherman-Palladino will be writing the revival which will come in four extended episodes, each representing a season in the year'
But who could possibly speak those oh so important words? When the show ended, Rory was leaving to go on the campaign trail of then presidential-candidate Obama, Lorelai seemed to be on better terms with her parents than ever before, Jess had a successful writing career, Logan had disappeared after Rory rejected his marriage proposal, Sookie and Jackson were expecting (another!) baby, Lane and Zack were busy being rock star parents and Luke shared that momentous kiss with Lorelai that made us all shout excitedly at our TV screens! But where could all of our favourite characters be now?

The revival will pick up our beloved characters in the modern day (i.e. about ten years after we left them) so a lot could have happened in that time. Of course, one of the most hotly debated issues is whether Luke and Lorelai will finally have the justice they deserve and be in a relationship, if not married to one another. Both Scott Pattinson and Lauren Graham have confirmed they will be returning so of course fans have assumed that they will be living together. However, one leaked photo from behind the scenes could throw a spanner in the works. The photo shows a sign on a set which reads “Luke and Lizzie’s house”. Could Luke not be living with Lorelai but actually living with his sister, Liz? This is plausible but Liz has never been called Lizzie in the history of the show. Could Luke therefore have a new romantic interest? We certainly hope not! The only other explanation, and the one that fans are pinning their hopes on is that the sign is simply left over from the last show to film in the studios. There is hope yet!

Another possible bump in the road for all Luke and Lorelai hopefuls is that Vanessa Marano a.k.a. April will be returning to the show. Fans took to twitter to vent their anger over her return as many saw her as the reason that Luke and Lorelai broke up in the first place (despite the fact that it was actually her mother’s overreactions to everything Luke did that really caused the most havoc!). It is unsurprising that April will be in Luke’s life considering that he fought so hard to have contact with her, we just hope that Anna will be a little less interfering now that her daughter will be in her twenties!

'Could this mean, therefore that her three heartthrobs are no longer romantic interests, or could a return to Stars Hollow rekindle a lost romance?'
On the subject of love, we couldn’t write about Gilmore Girls without talking about the love interests of a certain Rory Gilmore. All of Rory’s romantic hopefuls have confirmed that they will be returning to show, yet Sherman-Palladino has claimed that Rory, as with the majority of young women her age, will not be romantically tied to any man but will be casually dating. Could this mean, therefore that her three heartthrobs are no longer romantic interests, or could a return to Stars Hollow rekindle a lost romance? We’re hoping for another Rory-Jess romance but the topic of which guy is the best is often a touchy subject among fans so we’ll leave it there.

Other stars who have confirmed they will be returning include Yanic Truesdale, Kelly Bishop, Keiko Agena and Emily Kuroda but there will be one very empty, Richard Gilmore shaped hole in the show, following the death of Edward Herrmann who portrayed the character so exquisitely. His death sorely grieved the cast, none more so than his on-screen wife Kelly Bishop who admits that her character, Emily Gilmore, will been seen to struggle desperately with his death, flying between intense emotions and appearing a lot more vulnerable than viewers have been used to. Sherman-Palladino also expressed her sadness at Herrmann’s passing, claiming he was the first one to confirm he would return to the show. Viewer’s will certainly be raising a glass to this iconic Gilmore, as I am sure the cast will too.

Another missing character in the line-up is Sookie, portrayed by the now incredibly in-demand Melissa McCarthy. We have our fingers very much crossed for an announcement in the next few weeks that she will be joining the cast as we’re not sure the show will be the same without its doses of kooky Sookie-isms, after all, how will Lorelai manage without her best friend? But with an ever busier schedule, it might just be too logistically difficult to get McCarthy into the revival.

With every new announcement about this revival, we are filled with new waves of excitement. But we still have a little while to wait before we can see just how the lives of our most loved characters have played out. In the meantime, we will be binge watching the show on Netflix, drinking worryingly large quantities of coffee and keeping a very keen eye on all of the latest internet hype. Oy with the poodles already!

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