Guild Council papers for 14th May 2015





Guild Council – 14th May 2015

Welcome to Redbrick’s live coverage of Guild Council. All the papers for this meeting, as well as summaries of the motions to be discussed, can be found on our Guild Council hub (if you’re not already there!)






a) Comments after speeches
Proposed by: Dwayne Spiteri and Harry Jacobs
Summary: To edit the Guild council guidance documents such that comments as well as questions are allowed after a round of speeches.
b) Enable a freer press at Guild Elections
Proposed by: James Phillips
Summary: This motion proposes to increase the ability of student media groups (including but not limited to Redbrick, BurnFM and GuildTV) to effectively cover the Guild Elections. This would be through allowing the groups to scrutinise policies before and during the Guild Elections period. The Guild of Students and the Returning Officer will enable the groups to do this through the provision of related information and proofing content before it is published.
c) Tax Responsibility
Proposed by: Alex Deam
Summary: Change Guild policy with regard to working with companies that engage in tax avoidance or evasion.
d) Email
Proposed by: Alex Deam
Summary: To look into the creation of specific mailing lists for every Guild Councillor.
e) Remote
Proposed by: Alex Deam
Summary: Look into remote attendance at General Meetings
f) Hustings
Proposed by: Alex Deam
Summary: Look into creating hustings for elections through RAs and Student Reps

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