Guild Council papers for 4th June 2015





First Guild Question Time of the Year

It was a friendly occasion whereby any student from the University could meet the Guild officer team and learn about upcoming changes being implemented.

Each of the elected officers proceeded to present a short video sharing their current and proposed ‘action plans’ based on the manifestos that they were elected upon. They then opened the floor to questions on any topic; some of which surrounded PhD issues, disabled students, and study spaces.

Over the course of the two-hour meeting, several objectives and achievements particularly stood out as being topical concerns:

  1. Societies’ night on 17th October. £1 from each ticket goes directly to student groups!
  2. Free contraception at the Guild will be available until at least 2020.
  3. Self-defence classes, rape alarms and CCTV in Selly Oak is being proposed to ensure safety in and around campus as well as housing areas.
  4. The new sports centre is due to open in December and is very accessible for disabled students.
  5. Plans for expansion of sexual health testing on campus.
  6. ‘Your Ideas’ is the new online platform which replaces Guild Council to put forward mandates regarding academia, welfare etc. The Guild therefore encourages students submit requests and concerns no matter how big or small.
  7. Postgraduate events were said to be on the increase to aid their transition. There are also discussions for more study and social spaces for postgraduates.
  8. A Guild of Students App will be available within 3 weeks, which will allow access to the website content, purchasing of tickets and information about events.
  9. Welfare Tutor training is now compulsory and will be developed in upcoming months.
  10. More live music and events on campus are being organised.
  11. The possibility of a polling station on campus.
  12. The intention to encourage lecturers to make the most of Panopto and Canvas, in order to enhance education channels. However the legal restraints were also brought up since the university doesn’t have performance rights of lecturers and cannot force the widespread use of such platforms.
  13. The possibility of disability sports teams and events was also raised.
  14. Preparation of a mental health campaign considering that World Mental Health day is approaching on the 10th October.
  15. The complaint of overpriced accommodation halls was raised.
  16. Discussions with Castle Cars are ongoing as to whether contracts will be renewed.
  17. The possibility of more accessible housing for disabled students is being discussed.

From the perspective of a student, I was pleasantly surprised by the efforts of our student union and officer team. I subsequently felt well-informed on the minor and major plans concerning well-being and the university experience. I encourage you to attend future Guild Question time events and to have your say.






a) EU Motion
Proposed by: Joe Armer
Summary: For the Guild to campaign and support the UK remaining in the EU
b) HE Policy Motion
Proposed by: Joe Armer
Summary: To make clear what our policy is on education funding and to add it additional information about beliefs on student loans and grants
c) Puppy Day Motion
Proposed by: Wadim Wesolek
Summary: To declare every day a Puppy Day
d) Guild Council Availability
Proposed by: Wadim Wesolek
Summary: To provide a procedure for removing Guild Councillors form post.
e) Independent SGX
Proposed by: Wadim Wesolek
Summary: To make Student Groups Executive an independent body from Guild Council.
f) Referenda
Proposed by: Poppy Wilkinson
Summary: To change the current quorum for all Referenda referring to Governance changes.
g) Recognition
Proposed by: Ed Sainsbury
Summary: Mandating VPAD and ADO Elect to consider adding a Staff Recognition Award to Guild Awards

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