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Key Guild Council Documents:
[formlightbox text="Agenda" title="Agenda"]Guild Council Agenda 6th December 2011[/formlightbox] -
[formlightbox text="Motions" title="Motions"]Guild Council Motions 6th December 2011[/formlightbox] -
[formlightbox text="Reports and Action Logs" title="Reports and Action Logs"]Guild Council Reports and Action Logs 6th December 2011[/formlightbox] -
[formlightbox text="Guidance Notes" title="Guidance Notes"]Guild Council Guidance Notes 2011/2012[/formlightbox]

An introduction to Guild Council by deputy chair, Rob Sassoon
One of most frequent questions we’re asked if we mention the immortal words “Guild Council” is very simply, “what is Guild Council?”

Unfortunately, there isn’t a perfect simple, snappy answer to this. The response “the Guild’s Parliament” is the best we’ve managed to come up with, but the slightly more long-winded (and accurate) answer is better: “Guild Council is the democratically elected decision making body of the Guild of Students, which creates and votes on major Guild policies such as fighting education cuts, getting longer library hours and getting more water fountains on campus”.

It’s good to link Guild Council to positive changes and policies that people will recognise; this shows that it’s more than just a talking shop and actually does effect change for the average student!

Guild Council - December 6, 2011

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