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Your Ideas Comments and Voting Open

The ‘Your Ideas’ Guild initiative entered its second phase of voting last Monday

‘Your Ideas’ takes suggestions from the student body and puts them up for students to vote and comment on online on the Guild website. Voting remains open until this Friday, the 2nd.

The Officer team looks at each idea suggested and if a particular idea gets over 200 votes and over 50% positive votes they are mandated to discuss it, but may look into an idea anyway if it is particularly popular or were already considering it.

Major ideas currently being voted on include installing solar panels on University buildings, allowing food and hot drinks in the new library (sharing some goals with the ‘Free the Tea' campaign currently being run by several Guild Officers), and a Meal Plan credit rollover.

Particularly popular ideas included disaffiliation of the Guild from the Castle Cars taxi service, allowing printing credits to be topped up online, and introducing microwaves to eating areas on campus.

Particularly unpopular (less than 50% positivity) ideas currently include making group study rooms in the library for larger groups only, an idea suggesting improvements to food at Joe’s Bar, and a night of Egyptian Shaaby music.


30th November 2016 at 10:00 am

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