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Impressions: God of War

Intrigued by this upcoming title, Gaming Editor Nicholas Burton takes a look at a new beginning for one of the biggest franchises of the last 15 years, God of War

God of War looks like it could be a game that goes under a lot of people’s radar in early 2018. My job is to make sure that doesn’t happen, because I can tell from the trailers and from the way that the developers are talking about this game, that it’s going to be a journey that will stand out for years to come amongst gamers who loved the old God of War games, gamers who hated them, and gamers who never got the chance to play them.

This reboot of the franchise will be set within Norse mythology, differentiating itself from its Greek roots. The world is beautiful but deadly, with gorgeous landscapes distracting you before realising the dangerous creatures coming to kill you and your young son Atreus - a companion who you will protect in this harsh world. In return, he will assist you in various ways throughout combat and environmental encounters.

God of War

Kratos with his son Atreus

The world still seems to be recovering from the damage Kratos inflicted upon it at the end of God of War III. However, few mortals survive among the dangers found within the wild lands, offering side quests for Kratos and his son to partake in. Loose RPG elements have been hinted at, with location discovery being emphasized in the very first reveal trailer back in E3 2016. It’s not clear whether other humans will exist consistently in this game, or whether there are friendly creatures you will converse with – a lot of the game hasn’t been shown off. There’s a reason for this I believe.

We don’t know much when it comes to the core of the story either: why is Kratos journeying out to these dangerous places with his son? It’s not likely you’ll find deer in caves full of rock trolls. What is the lumbering sense of regret that Kratos has looming over his shoulder? What events have occurred between the last game, and this game? Is it a total reboot, and the events of the last game didn’t happen? All of these questions will hopefully be answered in due course.

In terms of gameplay, the game is still 3rd person, but you’re looking over the shoulder of Kratos as he hacks and slashes his way through interestingly designed enemies and bosses. The combat is much slower-paced, but I mean that in a good way. Each hit matters, and when each hit could be the difference between life and death, it introduces a sense of tension and excitement that can’t really be found in the original hack-n-slash games. Not unless you played them on the hardest difficulty.

There’s a lot of mystery and intrigue that surrounds this game, and that’s why I’m so interested and excited to play it. For a single-player game that is apparently nearly 30-hours long, we haven’t even scratched the surface of this game. There’s so much to find, explore, and dive into when it releases sometime early this year. I’m telling you now that I feel like this game could be something special. It might catch you off guard, and become one of your favourite games this year. Keep it on your radar folks, you don’t want to miss this next title from veteran studio Santa Monica.


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