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    Sons of Pitches winning interview with Midé

    Sons of Pitches won the golden mic trophy at the BBC 2 Naked Choir final on Tuesday. Beatboxer of the UoB a capella group Midé Adenaike told us of his dream to pursue music professionally.

    Written by Sabrina Dougall on 29th October 2015


    Sombrerogate: Renewed Controversy Over Guild’s ‘Over-reaction’ to ‘Racist’ Costumes

    Chiquito have been asked not to hand out sombreros at Freshers fairs this week, as they are deemed to promote ‘cultural stereotypes’.

    Written by Sabrina Dougall on 22nd September 2015


    Festival Review: Love Saves The Day

    Some say 'Money can't buy you love' but this doesn't apply to Love Saves The Day according to Megan Gibson.

    Written by Megan Gibson on 17th June 2015


    Fighting Fire With Fire Isn’t Going To Solve Terrorism

    If the cost of education was reduced or even made free in some areas, then it would undoubtedly entice young people to their studies.

    Written by Rocco Campanaro on 13th November 2014


    Police investigate possible shooting on Warwards Lane

    Police have cordoned off a section of Warwards Lane in Selly Oak, and are not allowing cars to drive through.

    Written by Sabrina Dougall on 11th November 2014


    University Air Squadron Pay Tribute to the Fallen

    Sophie Dober reports on the participation of the UoB Air Squadron in Birmingham city this Remembrance Sunday.

    Written by Sophie Dober on 9th November 2014


    Iraq and the IS: a failure of States

    The last twenty years we lived under the umbrella of the post-Cold War euphoria are rapidly deteriorating in something we can't really address.

    Written by Francesco Finucci on 27th October 2014


    Why, as a student, the NUS does not represent me

    It would appear that the NUS has a short memory when it comes to the issue of who they can and can't condemn.

    Written by George Reeves on 22nd October 2014


    Student labels Trojan Horse investigation a ‘witch hunt’ in TV debate

    A UoB student has labelled the Trojan Horse investigation a ‘witch hunt’ in a BBC News special debate.

    Written by Sabrina Dougall on 10th September 2014


    The Rise Of The Hobgoblins

    Recently, I stopped paying attention to the news, and started looking at how it’s being framed

    Written by Aqib Khan on 2nd September 2014


    ISIS – The Unsolvable?

    I’m not claiming to have solutions to these problems, but I do see a clear cross roads where British foreign policy interests, the holy grail of ‘community cohesion’ and the valve disaffected British Muslims like Nasser Muthanna could have used to fulfill their hopes of meaning in life were perfectly overlapped

    Written by Aqib Khan on 22nd August 2014


    Three protesters face new suspension

    Two students have been forbidden to continue with their course of study, with one given a suspended sentence, after their involvement in a protest on campus.

    Written by Sabrina Dougall on 24th July 2014
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