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    Student labels Trojan Horse investigation a ‘witch hunt’ in TV debate

    A UoB student has labelled the Trojan Horse investigation a ‘witch hunt’ in a BBC News special debate.

    Written by Sabrina Dougall on 10th September 2014


    The Rise Of The Hobgoblins

    Recently, I stopped paying attention to the news, and started looking at how it’s being framed

    Written by Aqib Khan on 2nd September 2014


    ISIS – The Unsolvable?

    I’m not claiming to have solutions to these problems, but I do see a clear cross roads where British foreign policy interests, the holy grail of ‘community cohesion’ and the valve disaffected British Muslims like Nasser Muthanna could have used to fulfill their hopes of meaning in life were perfectly overlapped

    Written by Aqib Khan on 22nd August 2014


    Three protesters face new suspension

    Two students have been forbidden to continue with their course of study, with one given a suspended sentence, after their involvement in a protest on campus.

    Written by Sabrina Dougall on 24th July 2014


    Cabinet reshuffle: Analysis

    Education Correspondent Duncan explores the impact of Cameron's latest shake-up

    Written by Duncan Kenyon on 24th July 2014


    Valefest Goes Ahead Despite Weather Issues

    News Reporter Ella Cohen on the success of Valefest 2014 despite the gloomy weather

    Written by Redbrick on 12th June 2014


    Student Safety Spotlight: Interview with Women’s Officer

    Women's Officer Mae Rohani talks to Redbrick about staying safe on campus, sexual violence, and rape culture. Trigger warning.

    Written by Vanessa Browne & Tara Dein on 6th June 2014


    TED× comes to UoB: Throwing Caution to the Wind

    TEDx University of Birmingham showcases eight high-impact talks from various speakers based around the theme of Throwing Caution to the Wind – or in other words, risk taking.

    Written by Olivia D Renshaw on 6th June 2014


    Reduction in Begging on Campus

    News Editor Sabrina Dougall investigates the reduction of beggars seen on campus

    Written by Sabrina Dougall on 6th June 2014


    Remembering Stephen Sutton

    Redbrick remembers Stephen Sutton, the teenage cancer patient from the Midlands whose story inspired the nation.

    Written by Lucy Moseley on 6th June 2014


    An Interview with UOB’s own YouTube star

    A third-year History student full-time and YouTube personality part-time, News Editor Vedika Bahl spoke to Hannah Witton, a successful YouTuber who recently hit 50,000 subscribers.

    Written by Vedika Bahl on 6th June 2014


    Scottish Independence: To be or not to be?

    On the 18th September the people of Scotland will vote to see if independence is the fate in which it hopes to invest in

    Written by Redbrick on 5th June 2014
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