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    Referenda Explained: Redbrick’s Guide to Your Vote on the Guild’s Future

    The Guild of Students is set to hold two all-student referenda next week, asking students how they believe the Guild and its structures should be organised in the future.

    Written by James Phillips on 24th April 2014


    New Street Development is ‘Key to Long-Term Economic Plan’

    Patrick McLoughlin, Secretary of State for Transport, expressed optimism on a recent visit to Birmingham New Street station.

    Written by Sofia Karttunen on 24th April 2014


    Report Shows UOB Students Forced to Live in Mouldy Housing

    Redbrick News Editor Sabrina Dougall discovers some shocking news about the state of student housing.

    Written by Sabrina Dougall on 23rd April 2014


    Expenditure reports ‘should be compulsory’ says West Midlands MEP

    In the wake of accusations that Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are cashing in on generous European expenditure allowances, West Midlands MEP Nikki Sinclaire has called for more openness on the use of funds.

    Written by Sabrina Dougall on 22nd April 2014


    Operation Trojan Horse: Continued doubts

    Over the last few weeks, a number of allegations have been made about the involvement of authorities in Birmingham schools, in the implementation of a ‘jihadist plot’

    Written by Tara Dein on 17th April 2014


    UoB Students Run in Elections at NUS Annual Conference

    University of Birmingham students are attending the National Union of Students' annual national conference this week.

    Written by James Phillips on 8th April 2014


    Outrage as Trustees Overrule Guild Council Decisions

    Hattie Craig, Vice President of Education, has posted a statement claiming that Trustees of the Guild of Students are wilfully disregarding students’ opinion when making reforms to the way the Guild works.

    Written by Sabrina Dougall on 4th April 2014


    Teams arrive home after record-breaking Escape and Evade

    The sixteen teams who took part in the charity hitchhike challenge have raised nearly £6000 for local Birmingham initiatives.

    Written by Sabrina Dougall on 2nd April 2014


    Five Arrested in the midst of Selly Oak Crime Wave

    Police have urged the community to stay calm after Selly Oak sees spike in armed attacks.

    Written by Sabrina Dougall on 19th March 2014


    ‘Campaign Teams’ Give Us a Reason to Be Hopeful.

    We enter campaigns because they are exciting, because we feel like we are defending a worthwhile cause and raising awareness for that cause and person

    Written by Julia Bayer on 3rd March 2014


    A look down Memory Lane: Professor Hall and his legacy.

    For Hall, cultural studies was never a discipline in itself, but a field of enquiry, a mechanism to understand the broader structures that shaped our everyday lives.

    Written by Kieran Connell & Matthew Hilton on 3rd March 2014


    Protest Power

    When it comes to the Protest held by Defend Ed, is it us the students who are wrong, or the University?

    Written by Redbrick on 2nd March 2014
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