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Edd Bauer “suspended as a student”

Vice-President of Education Edward Bauer has stated that he has been suspended as a student from the University of Birmingham

Vice-President of Education Edward Bauer has stated that he has been suspended as a student from the University of Birmingham. Bauer posted the following note on his personal Facebook account last night:

"After ten days of detention before trial and the undemocratic suspension from my elected position as Vice President for Education on my release I didn’t think things could get much worse, but anyway they have. Following my suspension on Tuesday, I reverted to being an ordinary University of Birmingham student and got back to campaigning with the anti fees and cuts alliance on campus. We spent the week building for our first meeting of the year, this Monday 5pm in the Nuffield Learning Centre.


We’ve been out on campus every day and halls every night and thank you so much to everyone who joined in, it is great to see so many people involved so early on in the term. When I think how few of us there were this time last year it gives me great hope for the future!

This morning, without any warning or disciplinary hearing, the University of Birmingham have suspended my status as a student. They have banned me from entering campus and all my University accounts have been shut down without any notice. However, despite the restrictions the Guild and University are trying to impose on me, I will not cease to campaign for the mandates that I have been elected on and I am confident that this movement will continue to grow.

This is the second time I have faced expulsion by the University of Birmingham http://brightgreenscotland.org/index.php/2011/01/students-face-crackdown-after-sit-in/

Last time after mass petitions and critisims from MP’s like John Mcdonnel, leading academics including Noam Chomsky and of course students on campus http://www.youtube.com/user/vodaphoneprotest#p/u/4/dgY8A0irh5g  all charges were dropped.

There are more of us than ever before who are determined to take back our student union, democratise it and build student led campaigns to make sure that education remains a right for everyone, not a privilege for the few. While my suspension as officer and student does call into question the Guild and University’s commitment to freedom of speech, democracy and justice, it does not damage our ability to campaign to defend our education.

My ability to take part in campaigns to defend education at the University of Birmingham is for now increasingly limited, but that doesn’t mean you can’t campaign. I hope you come along to defend education this Monday. Bring your friends.



A slideshow of photos from the protest on Monday


1st October 2011 at 12:34 pm