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    Male Makeup: Will it Ever be Wholly Accepted?

    If physical appearance is a natural human concern, then why is makeup seen as a threat to masculinity? Life&Style's Lydia Waller explores the issue

    Written by Lydia Waller on 17th March 2018


    A First Look at the Erdem X Nars Collection

    Life&Style writer Yasmine Kennedy takes a look at Erdem Moralioglu's new collection by Nars

    Written by Yasmine Kennedy on 10th March 2018


    Brand Feature: Morphe

    Life&Style writer Bethany Ball reviews American makeup brand 'Morphe'

    Written by Betty Ball on 10th March 2018


    Lack of Diversity in Tarte Cosmetic’s New Foundation

    Life and Style's Yasmine Kennedy expresses her disappointment towards the limited shades released for Tarte Cosmetics' new Shape Tape foundation

    Written by Yasmine Kennedy on 8th March 2018


    To Shave or Not to Shave?: Response to Manthropology

    In response to the last Manthropology column and its controversy, Life&Style's Tara Kergon discusses the divisive double standard of female body hair

    Written by Tara Kergon on 5th March 2018


    Is Animal Testing Avoidable in Cosmetics Production?

    Life and Style's Josie Hart debates whether animal testing is a necessary procedure in the production of cosmetics or whether it can be avoided

    Written by Josie Hart on 3rd March 2018


    ‘The Skincare Con’ Response

    Yasmine Kennedy responds to Krithika Varagur's claims that skincare is a waste of money

    Written by Yasmine Kennedy on 18th February 2018


    Glossier: Instagram’s New Favourite Makeup Brand

    Life and Style's Yasmine Kennedy explains why you should get your hand on Glossier makeup, Instagram's hottest new cosmetics brand

    Written by Guest Author on 2nd February 2018


    Winter Skin Care Guide

    Life&Style writer Bethany Ball gives her advice on how to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy in the winter months

    Written by Betty Ball on 25th January 2018


    History’s Most Dangerous Fashion Trends

    Life&Style writer Bethany Ball explores history's most dangerous fashion trends

    Written by Betty Ball on 6th December 2017


    Huda Beauty: Autumn-Winter 2017 Launch in Birmingham

    Life&Style writer Ellie Silcock reviews the launch of Huda's new collection in Birmingham

    Written by ellie silcock on 6th December 2017


    Rituals Store Opening at Grand Central: Review

    Megan Stolz reviews the opening of the Rituals store in Grand Central

    Written by Megan Stolz on 29th November 2017
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