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Being a Twenty-One Year Old Virgin: It’s Not a Big Deal

Why You Should Ignore the ‘Beach Body’ Expectations

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    Sex Sells… Or Does It?

    Life&Style writer Tara Kergon discusses her opinion on the increasingly sexualised names of high-end beauty products

    Written by Tara Kergon on 15th April 2017


    Festival Season = Glitter Season

    Life&Style writer Philippa Baker shares her top glitter picks for this year's festival season

    Written by Philippa Baker on 23rd March 2017


    How to Take Care of Your Nails

    Life&Style's Charlotte Gill shares her top tips for a healthy nail-care routine

    Written by Charlotte Gill on 14th March 2017


    Top 5: Travel Skincare Essentials

    Life&Style writer Tara Kergon shares her skincare routine advice whilst jetting around the world

    Written by Tara Kergon on 21st February 2017


    How to Help Dark Under Eye Circles

    Life&Style writer Philippa Baker gives us the low-down on how to avoid the dreaded under eye bags

    Written by Philippa Baker on 21st February 2017


    2017 Trends: Hair and Beauty

    Life&Style writer Lucy Lyth explores the hair and beauty trends to try in the final weeks of winter

    Written by lucylyth on 3rd February 2017


    2017: Trends to Ditch and Trends to Keep

    Life&Style writer Antonia Miles tells us which trends should stay in 2016 and which will be big in 2017

    Written by Antonia Miles on 2nd February 2017


    Snapchat filters: Filtering ‘Flaws’ and Forging Ideals

    Deputy Editor Imogen Lancaster explores why Snapchat filters may not be completely harmless

    Written by Imogen Lancaster on 24th January 2017


    Redbrick Meets: Natascha Cox

    Life&Style editor Zoe Screti talks all things body confidence, fashion and travel with blogger Natascha Cox

    Written by Zoe Screti on 19th January 2017


    Fingertips and Lips: The Best Nail and Lip Colours This Winter

    Life&Style writer Martha Sanders explains which lip and nail colours are hot this winter

    Written by Martha Sanders on 14th December 2016


    Winter Make-Up Trends

    Life&Style writer Lucy Lyth explore this winter's make-up trends

    Written by Redbrick on 8th December 2016


    Keep it Clean: Top Tips for Makeup Hygiene

    Life&Style writer Sahar Jamfar gives us her top tips on how to maintain good makeup hygiene

    Written by Sahar Jamfar on 3rd December 2016
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