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The world’s weirdest beauty treatments

The beauty industry is forever transforming and every week we are greeted with a new tantalising treatment we really must try

The beauty industry is forever transforming and every week we are greeted with a new tantalising treatment we really must try. “The Only Way is Essex” brought us up to date with fish pedicures and vajazzling and, whereas these treatments before could be categorised as weird and wonderful, they are now available in your everyday local spa or beauty shop. Also, sites like Groupon and Wowcher have made the once “rich and famous only” treatments like Chocolate body wraps and 24 karat gold facials a possibility for the average sunbed savvy student. However, there is always a new alternative treatment to be tried on the market and I have picked what I personally think are three of the strangest.

3 – Hakali (otherwise known as “Cactus Massage”)
Okay, so this treatment is less painful than scratching your back with the needles of a cactus since these are removed beforehand (thank god!). However, the blossom of the cactus is made into a sort of meringue that is applied with the nopal paddies (cactus leaves) instead of by hand. You would pay around £150 to experience this strange procedure, praised for its healing properties, currently available at Four Seasons Hotel in Mexico.

Hakali Massage, Marie Claire

2 -  Bee Venom Mask
If it is good enough for the Duchess Camilla, then it is good enough for us. Praised as a natural organic alternative to Botox, this face mask, with prices starting from a more affordable £55, really contains the venom from a bee sting. This ingredient supposedly tightens and lifts facial muscles, delaying the aging process. It doesn't seem, though, that the same effect could be achieved waking face-first into a bees' nest.

Heaven Bee Venom Mask, £73.00

1 – Spermine Facial
Turning to your friends in the middle of Spar on campus saying, “I got a sperm facial last night”  will undoubtedly cause open mouthed, red-faced reactions. But you can actually walk into a beauty salon to have spermine (an antioxidant ingredient within sperm) massaged into your face, left on for 10 minutes and then pay around £200 for the privilege. It is supposed to help with acne and also gives you radiant smooth skin. Oh and if I had a tenner for every guy who says “I will give you one for free”.... hmm.

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9th November 2012 at 3:46 pm