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UoB Fashion: An Interview with the Brains Behind Helenell Raiment

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    UoB Fashion: An Interview with the Brains Behind Helenell Raiment

    Phoebe Radford chats to Elliot Sparrow, a third-year student with a fashion label

    Written by Phoebe Radford on 22nd November 2017


    Brand Spotlight: Storybook Cosmetics

    Phoebe Hughes-Broughton sheds light on the brand behind the Mean Girls eyeshadow palettes

    Written by Phoebe Hughes-Broughton on 18th November 2017


    Fur Free Fashion: The Way Forward

    Josie Hart notes Gucci's pledge to go fur free by 2018 has shaped a new age of fashion

    Written by Josie Hart on 16th November 2017


    Sparkliest Eyeshadow Palettes for Bonfire Night

    Ellie Silcock shows us the sparkliest eyeshadow palettes the high street has to offer

    Written by ellie silcock on 1st November 2017


    Top Five: Highstreet Collaborations

    Life&Style writer Tara Kergon gives her pick of the best high street collaborations

    Written by Tara Kergon on 29th October 2017


    Spotlight on Brands: Ego

    Tara Kergon discusses shoe brand, Ego, in all its shining glory

    Written by Tara Kergon on 28th September 2017


    Christian Louboutin Take a Step Forward in Diversifying the Fashion Industry

    Imogen Lancaster explains how the new range of Christian Louboutin heels is diversifying the fashion industry

    Written by Imogen Lancaster on 5th July 2017


    Top Stress-Busting Tips From Educater

    Life&Style Editor Zoe Screti explores Educater's top stress busting tips

    Written by Zoe Screti on 29th November 2016


    Le Keux Salon’s New To Vintage Event

    Life&Style editor Zoe Screti reviews Le Keux's latest Birmingham event

    Written by Zoe Screti on 14th November 2016


    Brand Feature: DSTLD

    Life&Style writer Mimi Dang tells us why DSTLD is the place to look for all your wardrobe essentials

    Written by Redbrick on 7th November 2016


    Start the New Semester in Style

    Life&Style editor Zoe Screti explains where you can get your new semester must haves and start the new academic year in style

    Written by Zoe Screti on 26th July 2016


    Top Ten Swimwear Brands

    Looking for the perfect swimwear to complete your summer look? Delfina Rainoldi tells us which ten swimwear brands you need to know this summer!

    Written by Delfina Rainoldi on 16th June 2016
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