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Huda Beauty: Autumn-Winter 2017 Launch in Birmingham

Life&Style writer Ellie Silcock reviews the launch of Huda's new collection in Birmingham

Huda Beauty has rapidly taken the UK by storm, with their range of products aimed at both makeup artists and makeup lovers alike. Huda Kattan is a Hollywood-trained makeup artist and blogger, with over 22 million Instagram followers, who first launched her Huda Beauty products in 2013. The Autumn-Winter collection has now landed in Selfridges in Birmingham, where Huda’s family was originally from, and is already super popular. I popped down to the Huda Beauty stand to see the exclusive new collection, and it was clear from the astounding amount of people gathered around the stand just how desperate everyone is to get their hands on the new products. The launch of Huda in Selfridges follows the launch of US beauty brand IT cosmetics, exclusive to Birmingham, and Victoria Beckham's collection for Estee Lauder earlier in the season. Here is a preview of the new Autumn-Winter Huda Beauty range that landed in Birmingham on the 16th of November 2017, which I would highly recommend you go check out.


Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated and recent addition to the new collection is the “Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette”. The palette contains 18 shades with varying finishes, incorporating 8 soft matte shades, 6 pearl shades, 3 duo-chrome toppers for an added glow and 1 shade of pure glitter, yet the shades are all super creamy in consistency. There is a variety of different colours, with the main focus being on deep plum and burgundy and softer golds, pinks and oranges. The eyeshadows are middle-Eastern inspired, and the rich, warm-toned shadows definitely convey this. The palette is £56, which although may not seem to be fully student-budget friendly for most of us, it actually works out at £3.11-ish per eyeshadow, which really isn’t too bad, especially given the beautiful quality of the palette.


Keeping on the eyeshadow theme, Huda Beauty also have released 4 smaller “Obsessions” palettes at the start of November, retailing for £25 each. Named “Smoky” “Electric” “Mauve” and “Warm Brown,” each palette contains 9 matte and shimmery eyeshadows for a more portable alternative to the larger palette. “Electric” appears to be the wildest of the palettes, containing bright pinks and yellows, perfect for a more out-there makeup look. “Smoky” lives up to it’s name with darker, cool-toned shades, whilst “Warm Brown” focuses on a more Autumnal look, with mostly matte and light shimmer shades. Perhaps my favourite of the palettes, and also what appears to be the most popular, would be “Mauve” which has a larger range of colours which are mostly pink toned. The shadows could be blended together or each worn individually, and it seems like the perfect combination of basic colours, some of which are very similar to Huda’s Rose Gold palette.


Additionally, the seasonal “Winter Solstice” highlighter palette follows the very popular “Summer Solstice” palette released earlier this year, and is perhaps one of the most beautiful highlighter palettes that I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Costing £40, the palette contains 4 completely contrasting shades which Huda has said are to “mimic the glistening icy complexion of a winter goddess.” Each highlighter is suitably named, and I feel that the light pink “Frosted Kiss” is definitely the most wearable shade, with the golden “Northern Lights” perhaps being more tricky to incorporate into a makeup look. However these highlighters are more than just the frosty, metallic colours, with their formulas being so pigmented and buttery. Although bold colours to wear, they are definitely very beautiful, so I would highly recommend popping down to Selfridges to have a swatch of this palette.

Alongside the eyeshadow and highlighter palettes, the collection in Birmingham also contains the #FauxFilter foundation (£32) which is available in an astounding 30 shades and is a flawless, full-coverage foundation with a matte finish. The 14 types of false eyelashes which were Huda Beauty’s first products can also be found at the stand, as well as the liquid matte lipsticks, lip contours and lip strobes which followed.

Overall, I can’t recommend enough going down to the Huda stand in Selfridges to see these products and put them on your Christmas list! The collection is the perfect mix of icy winter products and warmer, autumnal shades, so there really is something for everyone. I feel that you really do pay for the quality with Huda Beauty with the formulas and colours of the products clearly being really unique.



6th December 2017 at 9:00 am