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    Best Dressed: SAG Awards

    Life&Style writer Lucy Lyth explores who were the best dressed celebrities at the SAG Awards

    Written by lucylyth on 4th February 2017


    Best Dressed: the Golden Globes

    Life&Style writer Lucy Lyth reveals who were the best dressed at this year's Golden Globes

    Written by lucylyth on 1st February 2017


    Redbrick Meets: Natascha Cox

    Life&Style editor Zoe Screti talks all things body confidence, fashion and travel with blogger Natascha Cox

    Written by Zoe Screti on 19th January 2017


    ‘Thighs Touching, Round Hips, Arms and Tummy’: Ashley Graham’s Revolutionary New Barbie Doll

    Could this be the start of more representative Barbie dolls? Life&Style's Elizabeth Alker explains the changes in the new dolls, inspired by Ashley Graham

    Written by Lizzie Alker on 14th December 2016


    Top Celebrity Movembers

    Life&Style writer Sophie Webb gives us the run-down of her top 5 celebrity Movembers from this year

    Written by Sophie Webb on 5th December 2016


    Best Dressed at the AMAs 2016

    Life & Style writer Anum Hameed gives us her top five best dressed celebs from this year's highly entertaining American Music Awards

    Written by Anum Hameed on 28th November 2016


    Is Kim K on her way to a comeback?

    Where is Kim K? Life&Style writer Natasha Afxentiou gives us a break-down of her changed lifestyle since the Paris robbery

    Written by Natasha Afxentiou on 26th November 2016


    Emma Watson: Saving the World One Book at a Time

    Life&Style writer Madeleine Bourne takes a look at Emma Watson's new mission - leaving books on the Underground

    Written by Madeleine Bourne on 23rd November 2016


    Gigi Hadid: A Size Too Big for Tommy Hilfiger

    Following Tommy Hilfiger's recent comments about Gigi Hadid, Life&Style's Emma Chambers explains her views on model sizes and why she is Team Gigi

    Written by Emma Chambers on 15th November 2016


    Top Celebrity Halloween Costumes

    Life&Style writer Charlotte Green takes us back memory lane to look back at the top celebrity halloween costumes for some late inspiration

    Written by Charlotte Green on 28th October 2016


    Paris Robbery: Kim K’s Klaims Under Question

    Life & Style writer Grace Whelan questions the validity of Kim K's robbery case

    Written by Grace Whelan on 25th October 2016


    “What’s Wrong With Being Confident?”: Why Demi Lovato Was Right to Voice Her Opinion on a Fan’s Drawing of Her

    Life&Style writer Katie McDonald explains why she thinks Demi Lovato was right to speak out about over idealised fan art

    Written by Katie on 20th October 2016
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