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How To Have a Post-Breakup Transformation

Katy Perry is the latest to have a post-breakup transformation, Life&Style's Jessica Gray tells you how to have your own

Unsurprisingly, how we feel about ourselves following a breakup is never the most positive. And why would it be? Either your heart is breaking from the rejection, or you are worried that although you’ve gotten rid of the wrong person, you might not find the right one for ages! It’s hardly surprising then that the majority of those people going through a breakup use the time to transform their appearances. But why? There are many reasons why going through a breakup makes us want to change the way we look, below are listed just a few.

Fresh start

Whether you are the dumper or dumpee, break ups are undoubtedly the best time to start a clean slate. Lots of things have changed in your life, and this is why it feels important to make changes in your appearance too. People react differently to making these changes. Some try a new hairstyle, others dedicate their time to going to the gym and seeing a real physical difference. Whatever it is, most people want to see a change in themselves, usually to represent the changes they are experiencing in their lives, too.


Okay, so it may sound petty, but most of us are guilty of doing it. If you are on the receiving end of a breakup, arguably one of the most satisfying things to do is make your ex wish they had never ended it. This means making yourself look as good as when they first met you. Sure, it’s all about feeling good in yourself, but seeing someone regret what they lost in you is a great way to make yourself feel good! (Also, attracting someone new and making your ex realise what they’re missing is usually a great confidence boost during this time of crisis).


Having a stable relationship is often an excuse to get lazy, and who can blame you? Knowing someone loves you despite how you look usually means we stop making an effort with ourselves. However, going through a breakup often makes us realise that it’s worth putting that effort in again. Wearing jeans instead of joggers, washing your hair more than once a week or even trying a new shade of lipstick, all of these changes make us realise we have probably been letting ourselves go a bit too much, and now is the time to make a change!

Of course, these are not the only reasons we transform our appearance during a breakup. Everybody is different and handles this dreaded time in their own unique ways. Whether you are trying to attract someone new, or simply looking for a way to spend all that extra money you’re saving from ”romantic” nights in with a takeaway, a transformation in appearance after a breakup is not only completely normal, but also a great way to adjust to your new lifestyle. Let’s face it, breakups are a pretty crappy time, so what better way to get through it than make some changes and feel good in yourself again!


30th March 2017 at 4:40 pm

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