Fashion Shoot: Print Domination | Redbrick | University of Birmingham

Fashion Shoot: Print Domination

This summer is all about prints

This summer is all about prints. Whether you chose head-to-toe or mismatching, paisley or  tropical, aztec or floral, the importance lies in the courage to wear it proudly. In this first ever fashion shoot for Redbrick, we’ve broken the myths that print-clashing is something to shy away from and that all-over prints should be withheld for the exhibitionists. With a trend that unapologetically breaks many of fashion’s ‘steadfast’ rules, use the confidence instilled by this season and try something new.

By modernising and reworking the sixties psychedelic paisley print, the seventies palazzo pant, the eighties jumpsuit and the nineties grunge shirts we have shown how these classics can brought into the twenty-first century.

With countless celebrities which include Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Jessie J, Olivia Palermo and Florence Welch embracing this trend, they have proven there are many ways to make the look work and make it unique to individual style.

The key piece of advice when experimenting with prints is go bold or go home. If you feel it works for you then go for it. If your a bit nervous with this daring style, then ease yourself in, selecting one key printed item to dress your outfit around. As your confidence increases, perhaps try clashing prints - a shirt and skirt for example - pulling the outfit together with a bright belt.  The best places to find these printed gems are vintage stores but with the surge of prints in the Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2012 there are now many amazing piece available on the high street.  The best of these include Versace by H&M, Asos and Motel Rocks.

Photos, words and styling by Victoria Gardiner 

Modeled by Emily Sidlow, Mara Janssen and Esther Davies


3rd August 2012 at 3:30 pm

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