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Sartorial Suits, shirts and shoes

We look at the three ‘S’s in a man’s waredrobe 1 Steel blue liquid ultra skinny suit, Jacket £100, Trousers £50, Topman 2 Linehan, £70, ALDO 3 Globe Black Pat...

We look at the three 'S's in a man's waredrobe

1 Steel blue liquid ultra skinny suit, Jacket £100, Trousers £50, Topman

2 Linehan, £70, ALDO

3 Globe Black Patent, £395, Oliver Sweeny

4 Pink Slim Fit Men's Shirt – £89, Thomas Pink

5 Slim Fit Shirt, Reduced to £14, ASOS

6 Tom Ford made exclusively for James Bond Quantum of Solace

I love suits because they can say so much about a man.

When going for interviews it is vital to give the best impression and you can be sure the first thing your interviewers will check out is how you dress. 

You can immediately spot when a man is not comfortable in his suit and looks like a 12 year old dressing up for the first time so it is important to get it right.

Here are some absolutely brilliant suits along with the trimmings and some alternatives for us students with less cash to splash.


Tom Ford

One of my favourite designers, I aspire to one day own a suit made by him. My love for his style started after seeing Daniel Craig in the suit above. Obviously tailored, this suit fits perfectly. As Richard James, Savile Row tailor advises, 'Fit. Fit. And fit. Be aware of the shoulders and chest: too big, and the suit is wearing you; too small, and it looks like something borrowed from your younger brother'.


This alternative from Topman (1)is a skinny fit, with tapered sides that give the impression of a more tailored look. The lighter colour is a great alternative to the common black suit and will make you stand out. However, it is only wise to attempt the skinny suit if you have a smaller frame.



When choosing what shirt to wear with your suit, there is one golden rule: If the suit has stripes the shirt has to be plain. Stripe overload, common with young guys, can make you look senseless rather than sophisticated.

With dark suits such as the Tom Ford pictured above, a light shirt works the best. You can never go wrong with a crisp white shirt but for something a little bit different light shades of pink and blue can be an option (4).


This alternative (5) looks great with or without a tie and at an affordable price too. Its light tone means that it can be worn with a variety of suits and ties and will still be turning heads wherever you go.


Oliver Sweeny

Choosing the right shoes is never easy and often the style depends on the accompanying suit.

Personally I prefer slip-ons to laces and think the shinier the better. This pair from Oliver Sweeny (3) do just the job but may not be to everyone's taste.


This pair from ALDO, with 'concealed elastics' makes the first-week shoe pain slightly more bearable.

The most important thing to is to be your own man. Go shopping on your own, not with the wife or girlfriend. Only you know what you look and feel comfortable in.


Written by Marcus Bott



5th March 2011 at 3:18 pm