Going Back to University: The Worries

Christian Louboutin Take a Step Forward in Diversifying the Fashion Industry

Can Females really be Drag Queens?

Being a Twenty-One Year Old Virgin: It’s Not a Big Deal

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    Can Females really be Drag Queens?

    Life&Style's Dean Mobbs dispels some of the misconceptions around the term 'Drag Queen' in the modern day

    Written by Dean Mobbs on 29th June 2017


    Being a Twenty-One Year Old Virgin: It’s Not a Big Deal

    Life&Style writer Greg Woodin explains why being a virgin at university is not a big deal, despite media portrayal

    Written by Greg Woodin on 22nd June 2017


    Why You Should Ignore the ‘Beach Body’ Expectations

    Life&Style writer Miriam Nixon discusses why the worry of not having a 'beach body' should not put you off enjoying the sun

    Written by MiriamNixon on 21st June 2017


    H&M Launches New Gender Fluid Denim Collection

    Life&Style writer Lucy Harkins explains the relevance of H&M's newest unisex denim collection within our modern society

    Written by Lucy Harkins on 25th April 2017


    Autism: You’ve Only Met One Person

    Sam Arrowsmith talks about his experience with High Functioning Autism and the impact it has had on his life

    Written by Sam Arrowsmith on 25th April 2017


    How to Spring Clean Your Life

    Life&Style writer Imogen Allen gives her advice on how to spring clean your room and your mind

    Written by Imogen Allen on 23rd April 2017


    Sex Sells… Or Does It?

    Life&Style writer Tara Kergon discusses her opinion on the increasingly sexualised names of high-end beauty products

    Written by Tara Kergon on 15th April 2017


    I Get by with a Little Help from My Friends

    Life&Style writer Caitlin Steele explains the importance of keeping in touch with friends from home while you are at university

    Written by caitlinjsteele on 11th April 2017


    Another Day, Another Dose of Daily Mail Controversy

    Life&Style writer Anna Wise comments on the recent Daily Mail headline which highlights the casual everyday sexism still preventing equality

    Written by Anna Wise on 3rd April 2017


    Why Do Some Women Expect to Be Sexually Harassed?

    Life&Style writer Antonia Miles gives her opinion on why she thinks some women have come to expect sexual harassment

    Written by Antonia Miles on 2nd April 2017


    Top Woman-Owned Businesses

    Life&Style writer Imogen Allen shares her top two woman-owned businesses and why they have been so successful

    Written by Imogen Allen on 29th March 2017


    Emma Watson – a Bad Feminist?

    Life&Style writer Antonia Miles discusses the ongoing attention Emma Watson is receiving from the media regarding her role as a 'feminist'

    Written by Antonia Miles on 27th March 2017
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