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Review: Lush’s Christmas Products

Ellie Watts reviews some of Lush's Christmas offerings

In this review of the Lush Christmas range, I’ve focused on bath products, due to their warming qualities which goes well with the cold, Christmas season. I reviewed two bath bombs, and one bubble bar from the Christmas range and gave them an overall rating based on their smell, colour, effect, and festiveness.

Snow Fairy Jelly Bath Bomb – £4.95

This bath bomb is the first of the three products that I tried out. Coloured a pretty pink and white, I decided to include it in this review due to its jelly-like quality which I found unusual. Peeking my curiosity, I bought the bath bomb and was eager to try it out. It turned the water a light pink and broke off into a multitude of bright pink clumps of the jelly-like substance, which subsequently settled on my skin. Unfortunately, this left my skin feeling slimy and covered in pink spots of jelly. The smell of the bath bomb was not offensive, but it wasn’t particularly pleasant either. I could appreciate the prettiness of the product, the light pink colour and subtle smell was nice, but it was just nice. At this point, I was left feeling let down and wanting to get out of the bath. So I did, and in my pristine white bath it left bright pink stains, I was not pleased. After scrubbing, the stains faded but did not go away, and I’m still hoping they will eventually go.

Rating: 3/10 Lush

Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb – £4.50

From the name, it’s self-explanatory why this product might be a good choice to review for Christmas. I hoped for a warming effect and admired the red and white decoration of the bath bomb. Once in the water, it exploded pink, orange, and yellow foam but overall turned the water a bright red. It had a pleasant aroma, and felt nice on my skin. However, I couldn’t help feeling that it wasn’t as Christmassy as I wanted it to be. After leaving the bath my skin felt gloriously warm all over and I was hopeful that this was the warming effect of the Christmas Sweater, I quickly fell into a wonderful nap. Overall, I was quite pleased with the level of cosiness that the bath bomb achieved, but I still wanted a product that reminded me of Christmas, both in smell and appearance.

Rating: 7/10


The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar - £5.95

My last hope of finding a Lush Christmas product that embodied the spirit of Christmas, was placed solely upon the Bubble Bar. A bar that looked like a sparkly, gold star mounted on the end of a wooden handle, topped off with a little bell. By far, this was the most Christmassy-looking product. To use the bubble bar, I held it under the stream of water when running a bath. Immediately, it turned the water a burnt orange colour with gold glitter, evoking thoughts of stars, tinsel, and warm fireplaces – all of which reminded me of Christmas. The bubble bar produced a bounty of bubbles that looked incredibly inviting. Once in the bath, I felt incredibly relaxed. This may be due to the addition of bubbles that the previous two bath bombs didn’t have, or perhaps because it had a wonderful smell of Christmas spices. Either way, I found this product to my favourite of the trio. Not only this, but it is reusable! Using it once left it looking like it had barely been used, and I am looking forward to using this product as much as I can in the lead up to Christmas!

Rating: 9/10



7th December 2017 at 9:00 am

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