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Gift Guide: Grandparents

Want to spoil your grandparents this year? Life&Style editor Kamila Geremek gives us her top original gift ideas for grandparents for this festive season

Grandparents are a tricky one, especially since most of your life you were able to rely on your parents getting them gifts and being able to claim it as your own or just a family gift. But every grandparent deserves to be spoiled, especially if they are the ones slaving over the hob on Christmas Day preparing the perfect meal. Here are some of my top ideas for how to treat your grandparents to a luxurious christmas that I am sure they will appreciate.

Cosy Slippers: All grandparents deserve comfort and what better way to achieve that then receiving some fabulously warm slippers that they can lounge around in all day long. My personal preference is the UGG Scuffette, a perfectly warm slipper that is super soft and makes you never want to take them off. They are so iconic that even if you cannot afford to splash out you will be able to find a dupe at a more affordable price.

Cookbooks: Most of us probably have that one grandparent who always think we look to skinny and need to be overstuffed at the dinner table during Christmas so a cookbook is perfect if they’re constantly experimenting in the kitchen. If you wanted a more personalised touch, the 'My Family Cookbook' (available on Amazon) is perfect for the grandparents who have an array of family recipes that are scattered all over the kitchen in various notebooks. It also means that it is something that you can receive and pass down the family line throughout the years and everyone can contribute to.

Personalised Photo Products: If you’re looking for a sentimental gift, this is ideal and means that all other family members can get involved. A personalised calendar is great for the grandparent who like to stay organised, or for a mouse mat of the giant family picture you took last Christmas, ideal for those that are always connecting on Skype with their loved ones that are scattered across the globe. A photo album is also a good choice if you have a lot of family pictures to choose from and it's too difficult to decide which ones should make it on the personalised gift.

Drink Accessories: If your grandparents have a massive bar stocked with all kinds of alcohol that they frequently like to enjoy alongside their peaceful evenings then some drinking accessories would be a good way to go. Whisky stones, cocktail shakers, fancy curly straws or even some new drinking glasses, it's entirely up to you, a perfect socking filler or main gift depending on how much you splash.

A Tea Set: So if your grandparents aren’t too keen on the casual drinking and prefer a much quieter approach to kicking up their feet then a tea set would be prefect. This can be personalised in so many ways that it can fit any budget. You can just buy teacups and a teapot alongside some nice Whittard Tea or go full-out and get a nice set perfect for afternoon tea that includes a cupcake stands. This is the perfect gift for the traditionalists who can’t seem to go about their day without a morning cuppa.

Pamper Products: This is another gift that can be entirely personalised depending on which area you think your grandparents deserve some TLC. Maybe a spa trip, or a foot massager or even a massaging pillow? Add on top of that some foot cream, hand creams or any other cream for that matter and you’ve get yourself the perfect gift that your grandparents can use to spoil themselves whilst drinking their tea or whiskey.



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