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Gift Guide: Siblings

Tired of practical gifts? Want to relive the fun days of your childhood? Lucy Joseph gives her top unique gifts to get your siblings

Gone are the days I would receive a fart in a jar from my loving brother, and my sister’s hand-me-down clothes she probably once saw me seize up and wanted to get rid of anyway. We are older, pocket money has become our personally earned income and expectations are a little higher. As we begin to start our adult lives though, it seems that the Christmas lists have become a little more pragmatic and a lot less fun. But for all those who don't want to see their siblings unwrap a multi-pack of socks or tights (even though they have promised they 'genuinely really need it') here are a few more personal suggestions to prevent that from happening, hopefully showing that despite the fact you’re all heading down separate scary adult paths, your siblings still mean everything to you. However if this is not the case, in-close fart into jar and label ‘Merry Christmas’ to the lucky one. It may be gross but at least it’s always funny.

Perfumes and Aftershaves: (Excluding anything Lynx for males. They’ve received a hundred said products before that all sit gathering dust at the back of their shelves.) If your brother or sister have a particular scent they associate with, why not top up their stock this Christmas? If you know they like the product, they will no doubt appreciate the fact they won’t be buying themselves the next batch of overly priced goods - much like socks and tights - and it shows just how well you know them

Homeware: Are your siblings setting up a new home? Why not get them something that doesn't quite fit into that ‘essential’ category - but something their new pad would benefit from nonetheless. For example, a smoothie-maker! There are some very well priced ones out there at the moment, due to the fashionable juice hype, spotted in that middle aisle in Aldi, full of miscellaneous items! Now you’ll have an excuse to browse that section - we know you’ve always wanted to!

An Experience: Personally, I think this is the winning option. Treat yourself and your siblings to an activity that you can all enjoy together, combining your interests and hobbies. Whether that be going to a musical or football match, take a day out this holiday to spend with your siblings and make some memories that will no doubt last longer than anything else.

Something for NYE: Every year, we make plans that weigh far too heavily on our expectations - and I’m sure we all try to look our best when participating this annual disappointment. Regardless, grab your brother or sister something that will jazz up their outfit, whether it be a delicate little anklet or a pocket square in your brother’s favourite colour. You know them best and you’ll know what will make them feel like fire, that night.

Subscriptions: Although this is quite an expensive present to uphold, including a monthly fee - you might be able to get short period subscriptions. Knowing your siblings, you’ll know where their interests lie and what will make them excited each month for their anticipated delivery. From The Economist to a monthly bunch of flowers; this would be the present that kept on giving.

Just because we’re growing up- doesn’t mean we have to be boring, now does it?

Article by Lucy Joseph


17th December 2016 at 10:00 am

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