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Spring-Summer ’18 Sunglasses Guide

Life&Style's Josie Hart gives advice on how to find the perfect sunglasses to suit your face shape

Sunglass shopping is the worst. You think you’ll give the huge, round sunglasses plastered all over Instagram during Coachella season a go, but they just look like they are swallowing your entire face whole. So you turn to the miniscule cat eye lenses currently being sported by the likes of the Hadid sisters but they seem to draw unwanted attention to your least liked facial feature. Not ideal at all. After trying on every single pair in a shop, you’re left wondering if you could just try and get a ‘summer squint’ to catch on. Having to imagine away the security tag just adds to the struggle, turning the whole ordeal into one big guessing game. Unlike other accessories, sunglasses happen to be particularly difficult to get right as they look completely different on different face types. However, there is a method to the sunglass buying madness that could make it all much easier this summer. There’s actually a sunglass shape that fits each face shape. Whilst it still might take some tedious trying on to meet exact personal preference, following this guide will give you some indication of what you should be looking for as you venture out to find your Summer ’18 frames.

If you’ve got an oval shaped face, you’ve really lucked out as this shape is suited to the widest range of sunglass styles. If your face is rounded but longer than it is wide, you can get exploring to see which styles you like best with different looks but look out for round frames or cat eyes as these suit few other face shapes so are essentially made for you! 60s festival vibes all around!

A rounder face will be complimented by a contrasting square frame. The more angles the better to add structure and definition. In the same way square frames compliment a round face, round frames will compliment a square one. You’re looking for a wide forehead and a strong jawline to see if this applies to you. Those with a square face can get away with larger frames even extending beyond the edge of the face. Great news for when you need to cover up the dark circle results of late night summer parties!

Aviators will suit a heart shaped face due to being heavier on the bottom or the top. If you are looking for something that will suit you perfectly, avoid anything with a thick upper rim as this could throw the natural shape of your face off balance. Similarly, diamond shaped faces should search for narrow rings. A diamond shaped face means the cheekbones will be wide and prominent so make sure you’re not hiding those popping cheekbones away under thick rimmed glasses!

Remember, whether a style will suit you or not, if you really like a certain pair of glasses you should go for it! Firstly, you want to make sure your eyes are protected regardless of shape but also, whilst it’s helpful to know which sunglasses were made to be suited to your features, this shouldn’t get in the way of finding the perfect accessories for your perfect summer look.


31st March 2018 at 9:00 am

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