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Spotted on Campus

As we enter the third semester, Life&Style writer Matthew Magill looks back on what UoB students were getting up to before the stress of exams kicked in

1. Jack Wynn Poynton (top left):
"Just waiting for an old family friend who works at the university to talk about changing degrees. I haven't been enjoying mine. Yeah, I'm currently doing a Foundation Year in Physical Sciences and Engineering, to later do Computer Sciences, but I'm just not sure it's what I want to do anymore. Hopefully I'll get to do Psychology. I did it at A-Level, I just loved it so much, I don't know why I never pursued it. I find it interesting; I want to learn more."

2. Jacob Horskamp (top middle):

"I'm American, should I say something about that? I'm studying International Relationships. I'm also one of the youngest elected officials in the country. On the board of education. I had a campaign!"

3. Kate Lowther (top right):

"Um does this make it look as if I, like, actually go to libraries and stuff?"

4. Lawrence Hide & Isabelle Jones (bottom left):
Isabelle's partner, Lawrence, attends the 'Rainbow Trail' tour to support her queer sonnet and illustration based exhibition:
"Love someone who makes you laugh"

5. Finn Humphris (bottom middle):
Finn explains the importance of LGBTQ history after his speech on Alexander the Great
"It's been fantastic working with everyone and exploring diverse queer history. I hope we are seeing a trend in the growing acknowledgement of the queer voices in history that will continue for years to come (within and without history months)!"

6. Ross Strong (bottom right):
Ross Strong discusses his role as Welfare Officer as the 'Rainbow Trail' tour ends, just hours before the new officer is elected: "Anyone can fill the role, you just need to be passionate for it and work hard. We're trying to encourage more people to go for the two-year positions so that long-term goals can be pushed through and we don't have to 'restart' with each year"



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