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How to Spring Clean Your Life

Life&Style writer Imogen Allen gives her advice on how to spring clean your room and your mind

I will start this by saying that I am one of those people who does actually enjoy tidying their room. I cannot stand the clutter and although it is never permanently tidy and my desk definitely becomes piled with books, paper, etc. I do like to have a good clear out every once in a while and I feel this is one way that you can spring clean your room but also your mind. ‘Tidy space, tidy mind’ is definitely a true saying in my book.  I have five steps which may be worth considering in order to ‘spring clean’ your mind.

  • When tidying your room, section things up to make it seem less of a task.

I will definitely say to start with your wardrobe and work out what you do and don’t wear. This not only helps to see what your favourite pieces are but also means you can clear out what you don’t and potentially earn some extra cash from selling on websites such as ‘Depop’. This also means that you have an excuse to go shopping in the newer season trends!

  • Try to keep your desk tidy and work organised

I find this step is good at helping me have better peace of mind especially when it comes to revising because I know everything is already organised. I have also started filing away important documents such as bank statements when they come through the post to avoid the clutter of paper piled on my desk.

  • Walks and Exercise

This is probably the best tip for spring cleaning your mind, sometimes you just need a break from technology to recharge and embrace being outside for an hour or so. I find this the best way to clear my mind or to just take a break from it as sometimes in a situation you need to take a step back and attempt to look at it from a different perspective.

  • Reorganise whilst tidying

This is similar to tip 2 in terms of keeping things organised but sometimes if you re-organise the way you store things, you are more likely to notice the change and feel like things are more organised in the space you live in which can then encourage you to stay more organised with the new layout. For example, changing the way you store your make-up can help you use more of your products instead of overlooking them on a day-to-day basis.

  • Treat spring cleaning as a new year

January and February are just months to recover after Christmas so treat spring as the start of the new you. Start those New Year’s resolutions you’ve been saying you’ll start for the past few months and actually do them! Make new goals for the summer months and start making a bucket list of things to do for when it gets warmer and enjoy the fact that you’ve done your spring cleaning for the year!

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