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All Worth It: L’Oreal and Prince’s Trust collaboration

Life&Style writer Sophie Webb discusses L'Oreal and The Prince's Trust's new campaign: 'All Worth It'

The three-year programme is said to be offering confidence training for up to 10,000 young adults across the UK
They may not seem the most likely of combinations, but one of the latest company partnerships is the one between L’Oréal and The Prince’s Trust.

L’Oréal is a well-known beauty company which sells products such as make-up, skincare and haircare to a worldwide consumer market. Their website states their main goal is to provide ‘affordable luxury’ for women from all backgrounds. What you may not know is that in fact, this isn’t their first partnership; they support many other causes such as Women in Need.

The Prince’s Trust was created in 1976 by the Prince of Wales with a not so dissimilar aim to L’Oréal’s as you might think. Its aim is to improve the lives of disadvantaged young people (13-30 year olds) and give them the opportunities to get into jobs, education, and training. Since its launch nearly 40 years ago, the trust has helped over 825,000 people, with over 56,000 in last year alone.

The new partnership between the two organisations is titled the ‘All Worth It’ campaign and was launched on the 23rd February. The three-year programme is said to be offering confidence training for up to 10,000 young adults across the UK. With 18 dedicated centres and a digital learning platform, the campaign aims to help even the hardest to reach people improve their confidence, skills, and independence. The courses will offer a range of help from interview training to recognising correct attitudes and behaviours. They will run four times each year and will consist of four modules addressing issues such as body language, communication, employability, and relationships.

Many celebrities have already got on board to help with the deliberately hard-hitting campaign, with big names such as Dame Helen Mirren, Cheryl Cole, Katie Piper, and Marcus Butler all featured in the launch. Described by The Independent as ‘one of the most representative casts we’ve seen yet with men and women of all ages, body types, races, and abilities’, each of these ambassadors will share their own personal stories in a series of short videos, highlighting how they have been affected by self-doubt and their personal journey of changing that to self-worth.

Dame Helen Mirren launched the campaign in London and commented on her involvement with the campaign, saying ‘overcoming self-doubt is a journey, we have a responsibility towards this generation to lead by example in what we say, how we act, and what we do’. Raising social media as an increasing problem for young people’s self-worth, Mirren argues that difference should be seen as a good thing, rather than something to be bullied for as YouTuber Marcus Butler shares in his journey to self-worth video.

Figures released by the Prince’s Trust in conjunction with the ‘All Worth It’ launch show just how important the campaign, and movements like it, are. The worrying figures show that one in three young people say that they don’t believe in themselves, and 42% aren’t in education, employment, or training. These staggering statistics, and the huge wave of celebrity support, show just how vital this campaign is. It really will quite literally change the lives of thousands of people throughout the UK.


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