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LIVE: Birmingham Riots 2011

Riot Live Coverage (08/08/11) Latest from the second day of riots On Saturday 6th August a peaceful demonstration was held following the fatal shooting of a suspected criminal-gang...

Riot Live Coverage (08/08/11)

Latest from the second day of riots

On Saturday 6th August a peaceful demonstration was held following the fatal shooting of a suspected criminal-gang member, Mark Duggan, by police. The protest marked the beginnings of widespread riots, leading to criminal damage, theft and vandalism in several London boroughs. Following warnings sent through BBM and Twitter, the rioting has now spread to Birmingham. Read the latest as it happens HERE.

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The 2nd day of riots (August 9th) Timeline

6.32 Riot vans at the mailbox
6.40 Bullring broken into
7.02 Riot police presence in Wolverhampton evident
7.11 Shop fronts smashed in Newhall Street
7.16 Reports of 200 people barging past passengers at New Street Station
7.20 Pallasades entrance to New St. & Livery St entrance to Snow Hill closed
7.25 Unrelated electrical fire in Harborne blockbuster
7.38 Fires reported at Moorstreet
7.52 Bullring made safe by police
7.55 WM Police arrest 3 people in the city centre
7.56 WM Police disperse mob in King’s Heath
8.05 Large groups reported in West Bromwich
8:06 Reports of a car on fire at Moorstreet
8:34 National Express say coaches will start to return to garages at 9:30pm
9.28 WM Police announce they have had 224 calls from the public this afternoon
9.31 Aston Expressway is all sealed up
9.36 WM Police announce they’ve made 170 arrests in last two days
10.22 Richer Sounds is looted
10.30 Reports of small damage to Iceland in Harborne
11.06 National Express announce suspension of all coaches into Birmingham
00.28 Firearm reportedly discharged at a policeman in Aston



Comment from Gisela Stuart MP Birmingham Edgbaston

This is violence and criminal behaviour for which there is simply no excuse. Individuals have to take responsibility for their actions. The community must support local police and parents have a responsibility for their children.

If anyone has grievances, there are ways to deal with these. Looting, fire,  breaking windows, causing fear – besmirches the reputation of Birmingham. Those who have been out on the streets causing trouble should be ashamed. They will experience the full force of the law.

Twitter Coverage
Tweets on todays cleanup (#riotcleanup)



At 4:30pm (09/08/11) from correspondent Caroline Mortimer

Clean operations were under way in Birmingham City Centre today after a night of rioting and looting.
Although early reports of Primark being burned are untrue, many stores on New Street, Corporation Street and the surrounding area have been boarded up and others such as Adidas and Santander are being treated as crime scenes as forensic teams look for clues as to who was behind the damage to the break ins and lootings.
Speaking to Redbrick and Channel 5 News outside an Adidas store which had been emptied on New Street, Cllr Mike Whitby, leader of Birmingham City Council called for calm and for people not to jump to conclusions about the part played by racial tensions. He claimed he spoke to a number of people from several different ethnic minorities who were involved in the clean up to prove that they as a group did not condone the violence.
‘This is not about race or about social cohesion. This is people taking advantage of fragility in society.’ He said ‘Till 4pm Birmingham was at its best. This was not a philosophical crusade, its an act of criminality. We must be clear that this is a minority of people and Birmingham is a peaceful city’.
On why the riots have moved from London to Birmingham he added that ‘Tottenham was a catalyst but this is a copycat riot’ and noted that it was almost ‘violence for violence’s sake’.
He later said that ‘Social harmony is probably at its best in Birmingham compared with tensions in other cities’.
There was also bad damage to a Santander store near Victoria Square that had been cordoned off. A policewoman confirmed that money had been taken from the premises and there was an attempt to break into the cash machine on the shop front. She would not confirm whether this was successful or how much money was taken from the store. She said there weren’t enough police on duty to stop the spread of the riots but the police had taken the rumours of the riots seriously.
Nick Robinson, 22, who works at the Yenton pub in Erdington, told Redbrick how the police had shut down the pub early due to fears the violence would spread. He said he’d heard rumours that ‘EDL type people looking for violence rather than redemption’ were responsible but this is unconfirmed.
Reports from social media claim that shops in Birmingham City Centre will be shutting early tonight as a precaution against further rioting.


Live Coverage (08/08/11)


How the violence developed throughout the evening.

Afternoon: Suggestions that Birmingham would be the next site of riots through Blackberry Messenger and Twitter.
7.30pm: Rioting begins in Birmingham. Police cordon off and guard Pallasades shopping centre, central Birmingham.
7:49pm: City centre branch of T-Mobile reported looted.
8:10pm: New Street Station and bus services halted. Reports around this time that taxis were also avoiding city centre.
8:49pm: First reports of disorder in Handsworth, Kings Heath.
9:02pm: Reported crowds at the Mailbox, city centre.
9:12pm: Broadway Plaza closed.
9:20pm:

Interactive Map

How the violence spread throughout Birmingham throughout the evening

View The Birmingham Riots in a larger map


Dave Glenwright briefly reports for Redbrick from Harborne on the evening's events


A collection of photo's from the evening's events


Tuesday, 9th August 2011 - 2:40am
The situation appears to have calmed in Birmingham, without much news coming in, so we will shortly be shutting down the live feed. However, we will continue to update our Twitter @RedbrickPaper with important breaking news. Redbrick will have a full writeup tomorrow following the police press conference.

Thanks to Chris Hutchinson, Vicki Bull, Glen Moutrie, Sam Lear, Freddie Herzog, Nick Petrie, Jeremy Levett and Dave Glenwright for their work tonight.

See the Redbrick site for more about the riots, including photos, a link to the #BirminghamRiots twitter feed, a minute-by minute account of the riots as they developed, and accompanying map plotting the hot spots in Birmingham.

Thanks very much to our readers for all their comments and contributions, and we hope not to have to do this again soon.

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