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Male Winter Clothing Essentials

With tips on how to keep warm from head to toe, Life&Style writer Mimi Dang takes us through some men's winter wardrobe essentials

As the air gets sharper and the daylight shorter, men, it's time to carve your weapons and slay in your winter look with essentials to take you from day to night.

Whether you're interested in a hipster streak, street or military style, these essentials are sure to blast away the winter blues.

Let's start from the top.


Beanies are often missed and there are so many styles available. It's worth perusing through what's on offer so make sure the mirror or a friend's second opinion is in the near vicinity. Definitely try before you buy to find the right style for you (bonus: keep your ears warm too!).

The newsboy cap (or Baker’s Boy cap) is a new trend worth checking out if you want to channel your inner Jay Gatsby. Resurfacing from the 19th to 20th centuries, it’s making its appearance in many high street retailers and even David Beckham likes to don his every now and then.


If winter isn't the epitome of "Sweater Weather" than I don't know what is. Try experimenting with playful patterns while balancing quality material to make sure the cold doesn't nip through.


Like beanies, there's an overcoat to fit every man and boy. Choose from peacoat, single or double-breasted amongst other styles that fit your silhouette and build. You can be sure that materials like wool will stick by you for many seasons to come. Consider getting the coat sleeves to cover all the way to your shirt cuff to avoid an awkward cold gap between your coat and gloves! There are so many variations in the overcoat including fit, style and length, so go crazy.


Gone are the days of the "throw on" scarf. Now you have the scarf world at your feet, what with many styles and the recent blanket scarves out there! Go for your nice, classic cotton material, durable wool or treat yourself with cashmere. Just make sure it isn't itchy around the neck!

Shoe situation:

Boots are probably one of the best options to keep your toes warm against the winter elements, especially leather. Brands like Timberland and Rockport will keep the heat in and the cold out as you trudge your way around university. Check out various styles to match any outfit with the Chukka, Chelsea and rain boot styles.


This is your chance to add some vibrant colour and pattern to your winter look (if you haven't already), since the winter colour palette tends to be pretty dull. No one will really be able to appreciate those socks until they make their grand appearance when you least expect it.

So there it is, some pointers for you to embark on your own unique look this winter. Don't be afraid to rummage through pre-loved clothing as well for that exclusive piece. Perhaps even do a quick Google of Men’s Fashion Week and scope out what’s worn on and off the runaway (see model off duty and fashion blogger). You know you've won when you strike the balance between comfort and personal style (and managed to keep the cold out).

Article by Mimi Dang


9th November 2016 at 10:00 am

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8th November 2016 at 11:31 pm

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