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Mobile Review: Hitman: Sniper

In a desperate bid to increase downloads of their 2015 game, Square Enix have made Hitman: Sniper free to download on iOS and Android. Gaming Critic Samuel Willetts finds out if its worth the disk space

Square Enix have announced that Hitman: Sniper will be available to download from the Google Play Store, for free, for one week only (10th-17th November 2017.)

Released in 2015, Hitman: Sniper is a shooting gallery game in which players assume the titular role of Agent 47 and assassinate mission targets, from a fixed, faraway, position, using a sniper rifle.

Set in Montenegro, Sniper features a single map, which serves as the sole environment for the game’s many similar missions. Whilst the graphical quality of Sniper is impressive, for a mobile title, everything else about its presentation is subpar. The game’s map is devoid of memorable qualities and quirks and you quickly become bored of repeatedly scoping out the same penthouse environment. It seemed strange, to me, that a Hitman game especially, a series synonymous with well realised and varied environments, would be so bland in its visual presentation.


The gameplay mechanics of Sniper are, thankfully, somewhat closer to the spirit of the Hitman series. Like other Hitman games, Sniper features a scoring system that tracks and evaluates the methods players use to accomplish their objectives. This scoring system rewards experimentation and encourages players to make use of environmental hazards, such as breakable glass barriers and explosive panels, in tandem with their skills as a sharpshooter. It is very satisfying to shoot out a glass barrier that a guard was leaning against, only to watch him fall to his death and land in a swimming pool. There’s also a leaderboard system, if you’re into that.

Sniper also features a leveling system, upgrades, loot crates, and a terrible zombie mode, but none of these features significantly impact the game in a meaningful manner. There are also micro-transactions, which the game continuously nudges you towards but are never necessary.


Though Hitman: Sniper isn’t anything close to the quality of mobile titles like Pokémon GO, or even Hitman GO (which I heartily recommend), it’s worth a look whilst it’s free.

Article By Samuel Willetts



14th November 2017 at 9:00 am

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