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Redbrick Meets: The Amazons

Kylie McCormick chats to rising rock and rollers The Amazons

Rock and roll Reading-based band The Amazons have had a very productive and exhilarating 2017. While we are only a few months in to the year, the band has completed a massive sold out headline tour through Europe and the U.K. Along with the tour the band has released debut album The Amazons at the end of May. Now on the festival season route, a schedule that will take them all over the world, we caught up with the boys as the ended their last few headlining dates.

The Amazons are rock gods on the rise
The Amazons are rock gods on the rise. Their music is viscerally loud and yet approachably contemplative, a combination that is not easily crafted in the rock world. Their first full album, self titled The Amazons, promises to extend their established sound.  The band said that the process for this album was not necessarily distinctive; rather it was a flow from their other EPs. 'For us there is no past in terms of writing, it’s all been one process and we did it as we went.'  This long flow of crafting the first album means that listeners will be able to sample sounds from the totality of The Amazons' career. 'It’s been a two year build up,' some songs were written 'when we where 18 and in other bands. The indie cuts on songs like 'Stay With Me' are from that earlier time. The heavier stuff is from more of now.' While then there may be slight variations in terms of sonic style on the album, each song comes from the root of the bands experiences over the past few years.

'The songs are very much an expression of me,' said vocalist and lyric writer Matt. 'Each song is very expression like. I start with the melody and then write down whatever goobly gook is in my mind. My theory is that the goobly gook is my subconscious, so I pick out words from that and use that to write songs trying to explain situations that haven’t gone the way I wanted them to.' The songs that have come about from this process are striking rock and indie rock tunes that have such great power behind them. 'Instrumentally stripped back to capture the live show sound,' the album is a mixture of pure rock tunes and indie hints, a compilation that really marks The Amazons as a band to listen to. The music is loud, both in its mixing and in the live show, but also has purpose behind the power.

The music is loud, both in its mixing and in the live show, but also has purpose behind the power
This power and purpose is clearly seen in the live shows. The Amazons took to a sold out show in Birmingham and played a mind blowing gig that solidifies their path to rock gods. While the band 'hasn’t done a headlining show since October of last year,' the spirit of the show feels polished. Playing 'all the hits and no covers' the boys have curated a set that is full of energy and movement. This show will be transported to festival stages all over the world. As the band heads into the summer season festivals like Reading and Leeds as well as numerous international shows are on the docket. After the summer a fall album tour is in the works as well!

The Amazons are at the precipice of being a household rock band. Their live show is a monster show of loud music and high energy. Their new album released at the end of May promises to be an album filled with hit after hit. Their genuine love of the fans and connection with the audience is unparalleled, giving them a boost as they continue to grow and shape their fandom. It is no doubt an exciting moment for The Amazons, with so many things happening over the next few months all we can do is wait anxiously for their album and next tour!

Music contributor from Los Angeles. PhD in Music Festivals and Identity. (@kyliemccormick)


18th April 2017 at 9:35 am