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Redbrick Meets: Shadowlark

Kylie McCormick chats to rising electro-pop outfit Shadowlark

Leeds based ethereal indie band Shadowlark will quickly become your new summer obsession. While the weather is still rainy and grey, Shadowlark will put you in the summer mind set. Their electronic pop tunes are hypnotic and explorative, creating a new sound in a familiar way. The band may be young, but their talent is mature, making Shadowlark one to put on your list for this season. We sat down to chat with Shadowlark about their newest single “Do Your Worst” and their packed summer schedule.

 Your sound is that perfect ethereal transcending pop synth that is such a beautiful mixture. How did you guys come to that sound? 

Thanks! It was really just a long time spent messing around with lots of 80s Casio synths and stuff and running them through a load of guitar pedals, mainly just to see what happened. That and just a love for writing and experimenting with lots of different textures and melodies. Turned out alright.

Walk me through your writing process, especially for the new single 'Do Your Worst' and the new stuff I assume you're working on? 

Usually I'll write the songs acoustically first. 'Do Your Worst' was written on piano originally... I like writing that way because it forces you to write something that can stand up on it's own - without any of the frills you get to add afterwards. That's when we'll all get together and make it sound like Shadowlark.

There is a real sense of triumph in 'Do Your Worst' that I really appreciate. As you guys are writing your first stuff and branding yourself with your first few releases, do you have a conscious theme in your songs or are they all different? 

I don't tend to sit down and try to write about anything predetermined, it's usually quite organic - just whatever I'm feeling at the time... but a lot of these songs were written while I was going through some stuff, so there is a bit of a theme I suppose.

As a new band you are more or less "branding" yourself through these first few singles. If you had to give the band a mantra what would it be? 

It's nothing calculated, we're just making the music we want to make and that's how we want it to be. How it should be too. If people like it, that's great, if they don't, then cool... There's this quote; "In the observable universe there are more than 100 billion galaxies. Our galaxy, the Milky Way contains over 100 billion planets, Earth is one of them." So, just do your thing and enjoy it while it lasts. We're lucky.

And now you're heading out for shows, some of which are major festivals. Anything you're looking forward to? 

Yeah, everything! We've got some amazing shows lined up - some of which we're not allowed to talk about yet, so watch this space. 

We've got some amazing shows lined up- some of which we're not allowed to talk about yet, so watch this space.

How do you curate a set for shows at this stage in your career? 

Well, we kind of locked ourselves away for a long time just writing as much as we could... it's early days for us live. There are a lot of songs to choose from so we're currently road testing some and seeing what the vibe is. That'll help us shape how we go about recording them and their development too.

What are you most looking forward to this summer? 

Everything. We've got some more time in the studio with Dan Austin who is great, so we're really excited to get back in there and work on some more music... then just releasing some of that music and playing the live shows, festivals etc - all good, can't wait!

Music contributor from Los Angeles. PhD in Music Festivals and Identity. (@kyliemccormick)


18th May 2017 at 12:40 pm