Preview: London Contemporary Orchestra – There Will Be Blood

Preview: WSTR at HMV Liverpool One

Single Review: Agency – Coward

Redbrick Meets: Gregory Alan Isakov

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    Christmas Songs: Redbrick’s Picks

    Redbrick Music extol the virtues of their favourite ever Christmas classics

    Written by Charlotte Pengelly, Conrad Duncan, George Griffiths, Georgie Deaville, Greg Woodin, Hannah Davies, Holly Carter, Kirstie Sutherland, Matt Dawson, Phil Jones & Zoe Screti on 20th December 2016


    Redbrick’s Albums of 2016

    Redbrick Music reflect on the best albums of 2016

    Written by Alex Williams, Ben Price, Blaise Radley, Charlotte Russell, Conrad Duncan, George Griffiths, Georgie Deaville, Giulia Bardelli, Greg Woodin, Greg McCallum, Gregory Robinson, Hannah Davies, Holly Carter, Josie Graves, Kirstie Sutherland, Letty Gardner, Megan Gibson, Nicholas Burton, Phil Jones, Rhiannon Storer, Jack Lawrence, Sophie Rashley, Thom Dent & Zoe Screti on 7th December 2016
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