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Preview: The Green Gathering

Kylie McCormick previews a hedonistic yet environmentally conscious festival located in Chapstow

Summer festivals are a time of joy. Many travel long distances and sleep in tents to revel in the extremity of dirty mud dancing and general freedom. Yet in the midst of our enjoyment we rarely think about the impacts our fantastic weekends are having on the environment around us. Globally conscious people turn a blind eye during the party, and yet the impacts of festivals can be great. Those piles of rubbish, the grotesque stages filled with lights and extravaganza, the lack of proper toilets - all of it culminates in a scar on the landscape. Luckily, some festivals are now taking a stance against the lack of environmental awareness and are instead looking to pair festival fun with sustainable practices.

The Green Gathering is a festival in early August that prides itself on doing just that: combining brilliant music with low impact living, the festival provides the best of both worlds. Located in Chepstow, the festival is an easy train ride from Birmingham - no smelly buses or crammed carpools for this one. Once at the festival, in amongst the atmosphere of wooded tents and neo-classical ruins, the sight itself is a fanciful escape. As a truly green festival you don’t have to worry about how your week of fun is impacting the place around you. You can partake in all the music, the arts and the general glory of the festival without any worries.

The Green Gathering offers up a perfect festival for all who love good music in a beautiful place. Its extras make it an exceptional find for the festival calendar, making The Green Gathering a festival not to miss.


Tickets for The Green Gathering are available here:

Music contributor from Los Angeles. PhD in Music Festivals and Identity. (@kyliemccormick)


19th May 2017 at 6:24 pm

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