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Greatest Hits: Bodalia

Kishan Bodalia, A.K.A. ‘Bodalia’, UoB student and winner of The Sound Of Tomorrow, talks us through the five of the most influential tracks in his life

About me: I’m a 4th-year medical student, graduating in 2019. Studying in Birmingham, I'm surrounded by a thriving music culture that has driven me to push my own music career in DJing, which has led me to some incredible opportunities, like my own set at Tomorrowland. you can find more information on my website.

Favourite shower track: Maggie Lindemann – Pretty Girl

There is no pattern to the style of music I choose to listen to in the shower; most of the time it’s music that I stumble across but I must admit I tend to use this opportunity to blast some chart music! I became a huge fan of the Cheat Codes remix of Maggie Lindemann’s ‘Pretty Girl’, a chart hit in 2017. I absolutely loved the vocal, so I did some exploring on Spotify to find more of Maggie Lindemann’s music. In the Cheat Codes’ remix her voice is immaculate, and even when stripped right back to her performance in the original, her voice achieves a whole new level in terms of impact and character. The lyrics in the track are really powerful too.

My running anthem: George Fitzgerald – Burns

As a predominately house music DJ, you’d expect me to be biased towards listening to repetitive 4x4 beats in the gym! And that is correct – there is nothing I’d rather listen to! In ‘Burns’ by George Fitzgerald, the additional layers build on top of the base ones, building energy and excitement throughout the track. Definitely my favourite track at the moment!

The perfect car anthem: NDPC – Daylight (Bodalia & F.O.D Remix)

My favourite place to test out my new productions is in my car. Sometimes, when I’m driving friends and family, I’ll play them my latest track (without them knowing it’s one of my own) and casually drop the question, ‘what do you think?’. Unfortunately most of them have now worked this out and usually respond with ‘it’s one of yours, isn’t it?’… but I’m glad they’re still be brutally honest about whether they like it (or not!).

This track came about in a very interesting way - myself and my friend Jean (F.O.D) decided to remix ‘Daylight’ by NDPC, and after we finished it, we sent it over to NDPC. A few weeks later, we received the incredible news that Sony had decided to sign and release it globally. To add to this excitement, it has been played on BBC Radio 1, Capital XTRA and supported by international DJs Tiesto and NERVO. 

A track to work to: Bastille – World Gone Mad

I’ve seen Bastille three times, once at their headline show and twice by coincidence as support acts at other concerts - they really know how engage a crowd. I’ve been following their musical journey for years, and the success they’ve achieved has been more than well-deserved. Their warm, catchy hooks combined with energetic electro-influenced instrumentals are definitely easy-listening when studying for exams! 

A track to unwind to: Ruth B – Lost Boy

Ruth B’s raw, vulnerable and honest lyrics are a pleasure to always listen to. This track, ‘Lost Boy’ came to my attention after a 6-second Vine of her performing a song about Peter Pan went viral. Her voice is soulful, deep, clear and clean, with no real need for any instrumental or production to take over. Ruth’s album, Safe Haven, keeps the listener captive throughout, opening with the candid, soft vocals on ‘Mixed Signals’ and takes us through to more up-tempo, catchy ‘Superficial Love’. 


18th February 2018 at 9:00 am