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Live Review: The Fratellis

Twelve years on from their barnstorming debut, The Fratellis' live show is as rowdy and energetic as it ever was

The Fratellis saw their latest tour come to the O2 Institute in Digbeth on Tuesday 27th March. The tour was part of their new album, In Your Own Sweet Time, which saw them doing an eight-date tour with Birmingham being their fifth stop. The venue was packed and the audience were in high spirits from support act Black Pistol Fire; I knew this was going to be a good evening.

The Fratellis graced the stage at 9pm to a long and winding introduction and the roars of the crowd before opening with 'Baby Don’t You Lie to Me!', a classic from their 2016 album. They had the crowd mesmerised from the first note: everybody was dancing and singing along and of course, no Birmingham gig is complete without a mosh pit which happened directly under the stage. The audience was packed with people of all different ages, it was nice to see everybody come together to worship this clearly loved band. They then moved into 'Starcrossed Losers', from their newest album, and yet despite the new-ness everybody knew the words. This was one of my favourites from the night, and hearing it in live form was perfect. Next up was the classic, 'Henrietta', which was obviously a firm favourite with the crowd as everybody was dancing and singing along to the fast-paced guitar hooks, rolling drum beats and polished vocals that the band are most known for.

Their set was a massive nineteen songs long (excluding the encore), understandable for a band that had been around for so long, yet I feel only die-hard fans would know every single song played. Among the rest of the nineteen, my favourites were 'Whistle For The Choir', 'Sugartown', 'I’ve Been Blind', 'Stand Up Tragedy' and 'We Need Medicine'. I felt the best received songs were their oldest, most well-known ones and any popular ones from the new album, besides from them I felt slightly lost. Despite not knowing every song, The Fratellis put on an incredible show and sounded as amazing live as they did on their records. The gig was more like a party, with everyone dancing and singing till they had sore throats, yet you could tell the band were having the most fun. They completely proved that they still know how to entertain a crowd after more than a decade on the music scene.

The audience was packed with people of all different ages, it was nice to see everybody come together to worship this clearly loved band

After an incredible nineteen-song set list, I, along with the crowd, realised they still hadn’t played 'Chelsea Dagger'. The band left the stage to cries of 'Play Chelsea!' and after a few minutes they took the stage again to give the crowd exactly that. They only had to play the first few notes of 'Chelsea Dagger', arguably their most popular song, before the entire room was one huge mosh pit, everyone mimicking the introductory-chords of the song, it was incredible to watch. The atmosphere was electric and firmly showed why The Fratellis are one of the best bands in the business and why they are still on the scene, even now.


In Your Own Sweet Time is out now via Cooking Vinyl.

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5th April 2018 at 9:00 am