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Live Review: Superorganism

Music Editor Emily Barker treks to London for Superorganism's first ever UK gig

On Thursday 5 October, Superorganism played their debut UK show at The Village Underground in Shoreditch. With only three singles released so far, photos, or even definite names of the band members seemingly nonexistent or at least impossible to come by,* and a rumour that the face behind the almost outrageously nonchalant, cucumber-cool lead vocals was that of a seventeen-year-old, intrigue about the show was running high.

*I have since found out that there is a possibility that two of the band members' names are Harry and Emily, and that their mysterious lead singer may or may not be called Orono.

The band were not unaware of this hype and, after a tantalisingly long DJ set from Mix Hell, Superorganism took to the stage in a single-file, funeral-esque march, hoods of their rain macs (yes, rain macs, each of them wore a different colour) up, ringing small hand bells (yes, hand bells), while their trademark flying whale gif covered the back screen. All in all, it was...pretty much what I expected.

When the opening two songs of their set quickly cleared out two thirds of their back-catalogue of singles, I don't think I was the only one wondering how the time would be filled post those first ten minutes. A great ten minutes, but ten minutes nonetheless.

The band took to the stage in a single-file, funeral-esque march, hand bells ringing and their trademark flying whale gif in the background
But, once the hoods had come down, or, more accurately, been dramatically thrown back at the moment they first screamed 'IT'S ALL GOOD', the main topic of conversation at the back of the room was the combined age of the band being about 35. And there's eight of them. People around me seemed more surprised than I was, but in fairness, my prior research had slightly prepared me for this, and maybe they had just bumped into a mate at a vintage furniture shop who said, 'Hey, I'm going to see this band that I don't really know anything about, but they sing about prawns, wanna come?' We were in Shoreditch, after all.

Either way, it couldn't be denied; from the mash-up of alternative clothing under their colourful rain macs, ranging from tie-dye jumpers to edgy white turtle necks, to the glitter on their youthful and excited faces, the group on stage could have easily passed for a bunch of teenage friends at Reading festival. The supposed Orono couldn't have exceeded a height of 5ft1, but she had a solidity and confidence in her vocals that allowed her chill-ness that seeps through Superorganism's records to be exuded on stage as well. Counter-balanced by her backing singers/dancers/occasional ribboned-tambourine players' goofy enthusiasm, it made for quite the set. Every song, without fail, was met with thunderous applause and appreciative whooping, particularly the encore of the band's biggest song to date, 'Something for your M.I.N.D'. Orono acknowledged this by mic-dropping and throwing her hands up in the air while yelling 'F**k yeah! F**k yeah!', as the band trouped off stage arm in arm, laughing. It was an endearing character break from the composed, quiet girl we had watched nod her head at the ground for the rest of the night, and a perfect way to sign off an impressive debut UK gig. 

With their colourful rain macs and glittered faces, the group could have passed for a bunch of excited teenagers at Reading festival

It's a fledgling band who are still finding their stride, but that's exactly why Superorganism were so entertaining. The set was raw and a little unpolished, but I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. It made their real selves, and real talent, extremely visible, a talent that I hope is going to take them a lot further (maybe even all the way to Birmingham). If you'd like to keep up with what Superorganism do next, you can follow their Facebook page

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12th October 2017 at 9:00 am