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Single Review: Cardi B – Bodak Yellow

Ben Johns is impressed by the breakout single of reality star Cardi B

If you have any social media account, the chances are you’ll have come across Cardi-“A Hoe Never Gets Cold”-B. Whilst the stripper turned Instagram-celebrity-cum-reality TV star might have infiltrated your timeline with her witty videos, another aspect of her multifaceted brand was slowly bubbling away. After a trickle of teasers released in conjunction with her short tenure on ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ hinted at her talent, her first charting single ‘Bodak Yellow’ releases the beastly rap potential that is Cardi B.

There’s no mistaken whose behind ‘Bodak Yellow’, as Cardi name-checks herself in the first three seconds of the song before whispering the monster of a chorus. It bursts with energy as Cardi words; “Said lil’ bitch, you can’t fuck with me / if you wanted to / these expensive, these is red bottoms / these is bloody shoes”, bounce over a chilly beat. With such a bravado, one can picture her bloody Louboutins as she begins her quest to slay the industry. Cardi’s rise has been well documented and she refers to it in the latter part of the chorus stating, “I don’t dance now, I make money move”, but perhaps more significantly, “I don’t gotta dance, I make money move”. Her hustle to the top is one to be admired, as regardless of the method, she has made her money.

The chorus goes off, her delivery is pointed, and she alternates through flows showing her capabilities to be more a than just a one-hit-wonder

Prior to beginning a career as a rapper, Cardi B was perhaps best known as an Insta-celebrity, and like the reference to dancing, she energetically sneers “they see pictures, they say goals / bitch, I’m who they trying to be” in a nod to her Instagram status and 9.3 million followers. The chorus goes off, her delivery is pointed, and she alternates through flows showing her capabilities to be more a than just a one-hit-wonder. Whilst her quicker flows such as "this shit hot like a stove / my pussy glitter as gold" don't push the lyrical boundaries, who says that every line has to have a deeper meaning?

'Bodak Yellow' is a bonafide hit that shows the start of what could be for Cardi B. As the single continues to dominate the US, at the time of writing, it's at the top of the Apple Music charts beating a certain Ms Swift, there's a lot of love out there for Cardi. Mediocre male rappers are ten-a-penny, Cardi's debut is confident, self assured, and real. It's great to see another female breaking into the game with a great song.



10th September 2017 at 9:00 am

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