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Single Review: Everything Everything – Can’t Do

The new Everything Everything single is an important cementing of their sound, argues Thom Dent

Coming off the back of a critically-lauded, magnum opus of an album such as Get to Heaven, it would seem that Everything Everything are in a period where they can’t do much wrong. It’s natural then that ‘Can’t Do’, the first single taken from upcoming fourth record A Fever Dream, sounds less like an evolution and more like a cementing of the band’s sound. By now, if you’re a fan you’ll be familiar with the key details that make up an Everything Everything tune: hectic drums, clever basslines, tricky guitar arpeggios and that trademark nasally vocal from Jonathan Higgs – all are in fine form here, coming together in an irresistibly focused groove that’s as tribal as it is mathematical. ‘I’m loving the bass, I’m loving the drums’, snarls Higgs, and you’d be a fool not to agree.

‘Can’t Do’ sounds less like an evolution and more like a cementing of the band’s sound

Despite its pessimistic title, ‘Can’t Do’ bursts with a swagger that was really only hinted at on previous singles such as ‘Distant Past’ or ‘MY KZ, UR BF’. And while Everything Everything have always been very confident of their own importance (which is, I suppose, where the Radiohead comparisons come into play), ‘Can’t Do’ is a real indicator that, on this new album, the band may just be about to prove just how very important they truly are.

‘Can’t Do’ is available to stream online now. A Fever Dream is out August 18th on RCA Records. Everything Everything play Nottingham on June 18th.

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17th June 2017 at 9:04 am

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