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Single Review: London Grammar – Rooting for You

London Grammar's new single is a masterpiece, says Heather Evans

As far as the music scene is concerned, London Grammar has been very quiet. Far too quiet. Despite their debut album If You Wait being released in 2013, London Grammar have taken their time in gracing us with more of the band’s stunning vocals and enchanting musicianship. Yet, the wait is over, and their new single ‘Rooting for You’ is a bone-chiller.

Entering 2017 with their new record, this song is undeniably elegant. London Grammar have released an captivating, angelic song about the hesitation of love; the loneliness one can feel in the company of their unobtainable beloved. This song almost sounds like a prayer to the heavens, questioning and asking for answers, seeking a path that leads to her darling who she will never abandon. Her call sounds graceful and otherworldly.

I cannot stress the talent of lead singer Hannah Reid enough. Reid’s soaring vocal range takes the listener to a whole new universe, her commanding voice and captivating lyrics making you forget and stop whatever you are doing. You can feel that the emotions within the song come from a real place, and all components of this song take us on this emotional journey. Although Hannah’s haunting vocal are extreme, the control of her voice and chemistry with all the instruments involved blend in melancholy magic.

Also, it’s refreshing to listen to a record that is not held purely by the vocalist. If this song was stripped of vocals, it would still be as beautiful and radiant. This song shows how the band are true artists – this record is a gorgeous, musical masterpiece.

2017 is proving to be an exciting year for music, and I think London Grammar contribute to this hype. New music has been long anticipated, and I hope the rest of the album is as exquisite as this single is.

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28th January 2017 at 4:32 pm

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