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Single Review: Pale Waves – The Tide

Pale Wave's latest single is an indie-pop anthem for the summer come early, Sorcha Hornett reviews

Pale Waves have recently exploded onto the indie-pop scene. The four-piece band from Manchester are probably most well known for their hit single ‘Television Romance’, where the lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie sings of letting some guy down gently and is a pure pop anthem. Their new single, ‘The Tide’, follows suit. Their newest single is taken from their debut EP, All These Things I’ve Never Said, due to be released March 16th.

‘The Tide’ is the type of song that is meant to be blasted at full volume with the windows down
Pale Waves are mentored by The 1975, who helped produce two of their early singles – ‘There’s a Honey’ and ‘Television Romance’. Pale Waves are very reminiscent of The 1975, it’s undeniable and their influence is clear in their style. The 1975’s single ‘She’s American’ completely reminds me of ‘The Tide’, and while Pale Waves are incredible on their own, I can’t help but place them in their mentors’ shadow. Despite this, ‘The Tide’ is the type of song that is meant to be blasted at full volume with the windows down and despite being released in the depths of winter, it brings a premature slice of summer. It’s extremely catchy, with the chorus constantly repeated until it’s hard to forget. You will find yourself singing along within the second listen, and I cannot wait to rediscover this gem in the summer.

Despite their indie-pop vibe, their visual look is incredibly unique. A quick glance at lead singer Baron-Carter and drummer Ciara Doran and their look screams Gothic china-like dolls, with heavy makeup and dyed hair, yet their music is a complete contrast to the vibe they are giving off. You expect emo dreary rock music but instead it’s upbeat and infectious indie-pop and I absolutely love the contrast and hope they continue to maintain this image.

‘The Tide’ completely fits with all their other previously released singles and I am excited to see how they are all brought together for the EP, I can assure you though, it will be a masterpiece of indie-pop.

Keep up with Pale Waves on their website.

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9th February 2018 at 9:00 am

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