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Single Review: Peace – Power

Birmingham indie heroes Peace are back - but has their new material been worth the wait? Pablo Doyle finds out


Peace are back with their second comeback single ‘Power’, since leaving Columbia Records and signing to Ignition Records instead. It’s been 3 years now since the release of their second album Happy People, and for a fanbase as strong as Peace’s, any new music the band releases is understandably received with big anticipation.

Is this a completely new Peace? Or is it just another single for the purpose of playing live shows?

The song begins with a short guitar introduction before diving straight into the chorus. The chords are powerful and still have that distinctive Peace feel to them. Frontman Harrison Koisser’s vocals erupt, but then leave you thinking… really, Peace? - 'I got the power, I know it’s true / I got the power, and I feel it in you' - is this the best lyrical composition you can come up with? Or are they actually doing a cover of ‘I’ve Got The Power’ by Snap?

Perhaps they were purposefully trying to write a simple pop song, with unassuming and straightforward lyrics. Or maybe they’ve gone down The 1975 route and decided to write down whatever pops into their head first, and just go with that. The melodies in the song are actually delivered in a similar fashion to The 1975, especially during the verses. This isn’t a criticism, but it shows that the song lacks some context. Is this a completely new Peace? Or is it just another single for the purpose of playing live shows?

The song will undoubtedly bode well during a gig. I can’t deny I wouldn’t sing the lyrics at the top of my lungs and join the mosh-pit. But then again, Peace don’t need this. Their live shows are already reputable, and they have an incredible setlist which isn’t in need for a so-called ‘crowd pleaser.’

Koisser did state in a recent interview that he 'associated it with the electricity and power of the kids we'd been quaking with for the last five years at our shows… [it’s] about booting down the door to delirious glory and charging heart first into the worldwide banquet of love...'

Perhaps then, it is simply another one for the ‘kids’ to dance to. However, I’m not convinced that the ‘banquet of love’ will be very ‘worldwide’ for the song itself. Hopefully a new album will bring this into perspective. For now, we’re left with 3 minutes song of which 80% is composed by a very uninspiring sound and chorus.

'Power' is available to stream online now.


15th February 2018 at 9:00 am