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Single Review: P!nk – Beautiful Trauma

The new P!nk song is not her best. However, Liv Francis-Pape argues that this doesn't matter, and that the veteran's reputation as a rowdy pop anti-hero is still untarnished

With obvious resemblance to her previous hits, P!nk’s latest single stays true to form with her signature bitter-sweet cadence. Similarly to ‘Sober’ and ‘Just Like a Pill,' this new release discloses the raw interconnection between addiction and love with a cynical - yet oddly romanticised - bawdiness. Despite the somewhat claustrophobic melody and, frankly, rather irritating repetition of the chorus, P!nk does manage to hook the listener in with infinitely relatable subject matter, as if she were merely asking you to sit with her, have a pint and unleash all of those unkempt opinions you bury away. It’s this intimacy that gives you a little more space to breathe within the slightly monotonous rhythm. It is perhaps a little derivative of ‘Like a Pill’, but at least this new single feels more uplifting - irrelevant of your interpretation.

In saying all of this I must admit that criticising this spikey-haired legend does not sit right with the angst-ridden, thirteen year old version of me who found a glorious haven in the introspective grittiness of P!nk’s music; in order to continue this review I must first apologise to that little me. One addition to this song does help to make the synthetic been-here-done-this feeling a little less profound: this being that nobody can slate P!nk’s honest, encouraging and uplifting activism and inspirational attitude in general. Having been in the streams of our social media recently with her heart-felt MTV speech, she injected some much needed self-assurance into the veins of every young listener. Any of us who swear too much, who are slightly amiss and imperfect, who don’t adhere to the suffocating boxes of societal shoulds and shouldn’ts could take a breath.

P!nk is timelessly successful with how she can put a hand out to the pre-teen, hood-shrouded versions of ourselves - no matter how old we are

Irrelevant of musical technique or prowess, P!nk is timelessly successful with how she can put a hand out to the pre-teen, hood-shrouded versions of ourselves - no matter how old we are - and simply let them know that being unique, being a chipped-nail-varnish-wearing ‘misfit’ is more than fine. She closed her anecdotal speech with the statement that ‘We don’t change. We take the gravel in the shell and we make a pearl’ and as anti-cliche as I like to consider myself, these pearls can stem from any of the dirty, brutal and individual ‘Beautiful traumas’ that this new song hones in on. All in all, we are who we are and thank God for that, and if anyone can remind us of this frequently overlooked truth it’s P!nk.

'Beautiful Trauma' is available to stream online now. P!nk's new album, Beautiful Trauma, is released on October 13th via RCA Records.


12th October 2017 at 9:00 am

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