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Single Review: Walk the Moon – Kamikaze

Music Critic Sophie Rashley succinctly breaks down Walk the Moon's latest single, 'Kamikaze'

Walk the Moon’s new track ‘Kamikaze’ begins with soothing guitar and wind instruments, complimenting the singer’s soft vocals. With lyrics like ‘you could be my comfort / you could be my healing’ the expectation is to hear a lovelorn ballad. However, the final line of the pre-chorus triggers a change in tone, and the tempo increases as the harmonies and vocal editing of the lyric ‘woman’ contrasts against the simpler beginning.

This more toned-down side to Walk the Moon reminds me of their first EP I Want! I Want!, but shows their versatility in style
The chorus exhibits a powerful drumbeat, making it a perfect pres track or a ‘get pumped’ song for the morning. The wind instruments are weaved into the backing of the upbeat chorus, keeping continuity throughout. In the next verse, the tone shifts back to a slower tempo that uses a beat similar to clapping rather than a drum, enhancing the natural feel to it. This more toned-down side to Walk the Moon reminds me of their first EP I Want! I Want! rather than their newer albums, showing their versatility in style; they can take old ideas and reform them into something new. To me, the final bridge seemed unnecessary; the semi-rapping take on the final lyrics seems harsh against the already contrasting verses and choruses, it feels like they are aiming for an exciting ending when the track could just fade out. Overall, it’s an exciting track that features a more understated side to Walk the Moon, reminiscent of their early releases.

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27th November 2017 at 9:30 am