NBL Quickfire Match Report (2/5): Birmingham’s Chapman Storms to victory to level the match at 1-1

Game 2: Women's Singles: Stunning performance from Fontaine Chapman as Birmingham Lions make it 1-1 on the night.

In the second match of the evening, England number one Fontaine Chapman of Birmingham Lions took on Olympian and Dutch international Yao Jie.

Chapman took the first game 9-6 in a fairly balanced affair. Heading into the second game Chapman establish a commanding lead, making the most of her powerful play and smash shots. After some close net action and unforced errors from Jie, Chapman took the second game amidst great support from the home crowd.

The early exchanges of the third game were more tentative, with Jie looking to exploit Chapman with some well-placed shots gaining her some vital points. At 4-2 to Chapman, this game was turning out to be a much more even with some lengthy rallies allowing Jie back into the game. Jie's experience ensured she did not let the game slip away from her, capitalising on mistakes from Chapman and securing the game 9-5.

The fourth game looked to get underway well for Chapman who secured an early point, however she then played her serve into the net and allowed Jie a way back in. Lions coach Lorraine Cole called a time out to give Chapman the lift and win a few more essential points to bring the game to 3-3. Jie made use of the power play point but was unable to control the powerful smash shots from Chapman who pulled the game back to 8-6 and the deciding point. A brief exchange of shots dropped nicely for Chapman to capitalise on and secure the match.

In what was a close match, Chapman's power ultimately proved too much for Jie, despite her international credentials,  providing the Birmingham Lions with their first win of the evening and the season.

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30th November 2015 at 9:06 pm

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