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    Labour Party wants to give ‘all young people a shot in life’

    Labour Party proposes £8 minimum wage by 2020 and aims to help young people in getting on to the property market.

    Written by Tara Dein & Duncan Kenyon on 25th September 2014


    University Rises in Times League Table

    The University of Birmingham is ranked the 15th best University in the UK and 64th in the world in two different league tables.

    Written by Emily Hackett on 21st September 2014


    Student labels Trojan Horse investigation a ‘witch hunt’ in TV debate

    A UoB student has labelled the Trojan Horse investigation a ‘witch hunt’ in a BBC News special debate.

    Written by Sabrina Dougall on 10th September 2014


    Green Party: Young people ‘bear the worst of austerity Britain’

    The Green Party opens the political party conference season with pledges to raise the minimum wage and a celebration of an increased number of young members

    Written by Tara Dein & Duncan Kenyon on 9th September 2014


    NUS Votes to Support Suspended Students

    The National Union of Students votes to approve a motion supporting three University of Birmingham students.

    Written by James Phillips on 4th August 2014


    UoB ranked highly in World Rankings

    The University of Birmingham has featured amongst Oxford and Cambridge in a league table compiled by The Daily Telegraph of the best global UK universities.

    Written by Adam Rowe on 1st August 2014


    Boys arrested over arson attack on former hall of residence

    Northfield Hall, a manor house in Northfield that had once been the Cadbury family's home, and until 2007, a Birmingham University hall of residence, was subjected to a suspected arson attack yesterday evening.

    Written by Adam Rowe on 1st August 2014


    Defend Education Occupation Evicted

    The Defend Education occupation of the Strathcona building has been evicted after two days.

    Written by James Phillips on 30th July 2014


    UPDATED: Occupation held in protest against suspensions

    Students have occupied the Strathcona building on campus today, in protest over the suspensions of Kelly Rogers, Simon Furse and Hattie Craig

    Written by Sabrina Dougall on 28th July 2014


    Glasgow 2014: 21 UOB students from past and present selected

    UBSport are proud to announce that the 2014 Commonwealth Games will see 21 UOB current students and alumni representing their respective countries at the games.

    Written by Vedika Bahl on 24th July 2014


    UBSport places 3rd in the UK at BUCS Awards 2013-14

    UBSport excelled at the BUCS Awards 2014, placing 3rd in the overall league and several teams and individuals crowned as champions. Vedika Bahl reports.

    Written by Vedika Bahl on 24th July 2014


    Three protesters face new suspension

    Two students have been forbidden to continue with their course of study, with one given a suspended sentence, after their involvement in a protest on campus.

    Written by Sabrina Dougall on 24th July 2014
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