University of Birmingham Falls in International Rankings

Labour MP Steve McCabe Struck by Brick in Motorcycle Incident

Selly Oak Attacker Jailed

UoB Achieves Gold In New TEF University Ratings

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    University of Birmingham Falls in International Rankings

    The Times Higher Education rankings have been published leaving Birmingham at 141 on the international rankings.

    Written by Grace Duncan on 10th September 2017


    Selly Oak Attacker Jailed

    Elvis Sidaway has been imprisoned for 21 years after being found guilty of rape

    Written by Grace Duncan on 2nd August 2017


    General Election 2017 Live Blog

    Redbrick does their live coverage of the national election.

    Written by Grace Duncan, Astrid Skjold & William Baxter on 8th June 2017


    Police Respond to Security Incident at QE Hospital

    News' Rebekah Quixano Henriques and Conrad Duncan report on an incident yesterday, where a man was detained and searched at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

    Written by Rebekah Quixano Henriques & Conrad Duncan on 26th May 2017


    UoB Student Up For Election In Edgbaston

    Alice Kiff, University of Birmingham second year student will be running on behalf of the Green Party in Edgbaston in the upcoming General Election. Phoebe Radford spoke to her about her campaign

    Written by Phoebe Radford on 13th May 2017


    News Analysis: PM Calls Snap General Election

    Going against expectations, and her own previously-stated intentions, Prime Minister Theresa May called a snap General Election on Tuesday morning to take place on the 8th June

    Written by John Wimperis on 18th April 2017


    French Presidential Election: Youth Leaders Defy Polls in Their Support

    Youth leaders for the two major French parties expressed high hopes for their candidates, but the polls predict that neither will win as far-right Le Pen and centrist Macron lead the race

    Written by Tom Shacklock on 14th April 2017


    Metro Mayor Candidate Breakdown

    Grace Duncan and Lily Wilde analyse the mayoral candidates from the 5 major parties in Birmingham to help you decide who should get your vote

    Written by Grace Duncan & Lily Wilde on 12th April 2017


    Trump State Visit To Move To Birmingham

    The controversial state visit of Donald Trump could be moved from London to Birmingham, new reports have released

    Written by Grace Duncan on 17th February 2017


    Government Set To Sell Off Student Loans For £12 Billion Profit

    Billions of pounds worth of student debt will be sold to private investors by the Government which could prove problematic for both students and taxpayers, as the marketisation of the education industry takes prominence

    Written by Emily Darby on 13th February 2017


    UoB Students, Staff and Alumni Honoured by the Queen with New Year’s Titles

    Following the publishing of the New Year’s Honours list, Erin Santillo reports on the university’s seven recipients of awards

    Written by Erin Santillo on 17th January 2017


    Redbrick Investigates: Student Loans – Confusion and Contention

    After the government’s recent abolition of maintenance grants, Redbrick’s Joseph Timan and Erin Santillo investigate the effects of and reactions towards this move and other controversial proposals

    Written by Erin Santillo & Joseph Timan on 30th December 2016
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