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Guild Officer Election Results 2017

Daniel Hickey, John Wimperis and Joseph Timan report on the Guild Officer Election Results night featuring interviews with all the successful candidates for full-time officer

The results of the 2017/18 Guild Election were announced in an event in the Guild’s Debating Hall on the evening of Saturday 4th March. There were 49 candidates in total running for eight full-time positions and nine part-time positions this campaign, and a record-breaking 8,507 voters this year. Candidates had been campaigning for a week since voting opened on the 23rd February.

Full-Time Officer Positions

President: 'Ellie Bean' Keiller

Sports Officer: Helena 'Baywatch Bailey'

Housing & Community Officer: Kris 'Aladdin' Ali

Activities & Development Officer (ADO): Shannon 'Farm 'N' Fresh' Farmer

Representation & Resources Officer (RRO): Jess 'Jessywood' Levy

Postgraduate Students Officer: Rose Bennett

Education Officer: Adam 'Go for Gold' Goldstone

Welfare Officer: Henny 'Mother Hen' Green

Part-Time Officer Positions

Women’s Officer: Holly Campbell

Community Action Officer: Cameron Beavan-King

Ethnic Minority Students’ Officer: Sheimona Jahan

Satellite Sites Officer: Max Seitler

International Students’ Officer: Mirabel Chu

Anti-Racism; Anti-Fascism Officer: Shimon Kelly

LGBTQ Students’ Officer: Lucinda Bleichroeder Baker

Disabled Students’ Officer: Belle Linford

Ethical & Environmental Officer: Nat Crawley

NUS Delegates: Alex Binnie, Jess Levy, Vanisha Solanki, Hannah Sherrard, Ross Strong, Adam Goldstone, Xenios Matjilla, Adam Elmi

The Guild’s media groups interviewed the successful candidates after the results were announced. Redbrick spoke to each of the winning full-time officer candidates and got comments immediately following the conclusion of results ceremony.

Redbrick asked 'Ellie Bean' Keiller, re-elected for a second term as Guild President, what she felt would be different to her first term: ‘Knowing what to do now, I can have so much more impact in the first few months. I wrote my manifesto knowing that everything on it was 100% achievable.’

'I’m so grateful that 3,000 people thought I could do this again.'

Keiller beat 'Kris-py Kreme' Burnett, who ran for the same role in the previous year, with 3,842 votes to 3,112. Speaking to Guild TV, Keiller said of her re-election: ‘I’m so grateful that 3,000 people thought I could do this again.’

‘Whilst I think that I’m making an impact,' she added, 'hearing that I’m making an impact is so great.'

Coming in third place in the race for Guild President, was Xenios 'X Marks The Spot' Matjilla, who was awarded the 'Alternative Facts Award' at the beginning of the event when the current and former Guild Officers awarded fun awards.

Adam Goldstone, elected Education Officer for 2017/18, gave some thoughts on how he will approach the role next year. ‘I'd rather over-deliver than under-deliver on my manifesto. I think it’s all achievable.'

'I think all the winning candidates duly deserve it.'

When asked how he felt about the result he said: 'I am quite relieved and excited. Excited to get stuff done.’ Speaking on the results of the other votes, Goldstone said: ‘I think all the winning candidates duly deserve it.’

Shannon Farmer, the successful candidate for ADO, expressed her disbelief at the result. ‘I'm so shocked, amazed! I can’t believe it. This is just such a big moment.’

Adam 'Elmo' Elmi, who lost out in the race for ADO, was however awarded the 'Best Smile Award' for his efforts in campaigning, whilst the successful candidate, Farmer, received a commendation.

'I’m over the moon that I actually got it.'

Farmer's sentiments were shared by Henny 'Mother Hen' Green, the newly elected Welfare Officer, who said, ‘I wasn’t expecting to get it. I’m really excited!’

Helena 'Baywatch Bailey' told Redbrick: ‘I gave it my all so I was confident that whatever happened would be the best result. I’m over the moon that I actually got it.’

‘I’m really looking forward to getting the sports day up and running, and a lot of people have said they’re excited to see that.'

'I thought I was going to get so many more R.O.N votes'

Jess 'Jessywood' Levy, who was the only candidate for RRO, received a standing ovation for her victory. Speaking about her victory, she said she was 'amazed'. 'I thought I was going to get so many more R.O.N votes,' Levy said. 'This week’s been so much fun,' she added, highlighting the dance party outside the library as a favourite moment.

Earlier on in the evening, Levy was applauded for her efforts in campaigning despite running uncontested. She was presented the award for 'Most Intent on Beating RON' by former RRO, Daisy Lindar.

Kris 'Aladdin' Ali said that all candidates had put in ‘hard efforts’ in their campaign. ‘There have been so many highs and lows during the campaign week and there were times I was thinking 'what’s the point of me being here?''

'Honestly, it’s a great achievement.'

Two of Ali's competitors were praised for their efforts in the campaigning, with 'Outer Space' Grace, whilst Thomas Thornhill received a commendation.

'Honestly, it’s a great achievement. I didn’t think I’d have nerves until my name came up on-screen'

The new Officer team will take up their roles for the academic year 2017-18, while the current sitting Officer team will continue in their roles until the conclusion of their terms at the end of the 2016-17 academic year.

Photos of the event can be found below, all by Daniel Hickey

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