Guild Council - 26th March 2015 | Redbrick | University of Birmingham

Guild Council – 26th March 2015

Redbrick brings you live coverage of tonight's Guild Council, where your representatives will be making decisions on your behalf






a) Chief Executive Delegation
Proposed by: Harry Jacobs
Summary: To ask the Trustee Board to make the Chief Executive responsible to the President

b) Finance Committee
Proposed by: Harry Jacobs
Summary: To provide transparency in the way the Guild’s money is spent

c) Full Time Officer Group Powers
Proposed by: Harry Jacobs
Summary: To remove the Full Time Officer Groups power to amend the bye-laws without first seeking approval

d) Policy Referendum
Proposed by: Harry Jacobs
Summary: To create an online petition website and to change the number of students required to call a policy referendum

e) Referendum Regulations
Proposed by: Harry Jacobs
Summary: None supplied

f) Affiliations Redux
Proposed by: Alex Deam
Summary: Annual approval of the Guild’s affiliations under the Education Act 1994

g) Black Students' Officer
Proposed by: Juweyria Ali, Mohamed Hussain, Seun Babalola, Matilya Njau, Mariam Otaiku, Jaffrina Jahan, Jacob Pryce, Sahar Abdulrahman, April Reilly, Afroze Zaidi-Jivraj, Haleema Ahmed, Azariah Broodie, Idman Hussein, Samira Musa, Azfar Shafi, Funmi Ogunade, Daniel Ronaghyon, Zahra Kousar, Isma Azad, Runako Bernard-Stevenson, Mohammed Mumit, Adam Elmi, Djeneba Bagayoko
Summary: Amend all references of ‘Ethnic Minority Officer’ to ‘Black Students’ Officer’ and ‘ethnic minority’ to ‘BME’. Defines ‘BME’ groups.

h) Comments After Speeches
Proposed by: Dwayne Spiteri and Harry Jacobs
Summary: To edit the Guild council guidance documents such that comments as well as questions are allowed after a round of speeches.

i) Enable A Freer Press at Guild Elections
Proposed by: James Phillips
Summary: This motion proposes to increase the ability of student media groups (including but not limited to Redbrick, BurnFM and GuildTV) to effectively cover the Guild Elections. This would be through allowing the groups to scrutinise policies before and during the Guild Elections period. The Guild of Students and the Returning Officer will enable the groups to do this through the provision of related information and proofing content before it is published.

j) Non-binary Students Voting
Proposed by: George Hughes
Summary: In accordance with decisions made by the Women’s Association and Officer, to clarify that non-binary students (ie those who don’t self-identify within the gender binary) shall be eligible to vote in the election of the Women’s Officer, by amendment of the Election Regulations. Also, to amend the Bye-Laws to reflect that the Women’s Officer also represents, and campaigns for, non-binary students.

k) Tax Responsibility
Proposed by: Alex Deam
Summary: Change Guild policy with regard to working with companies that engage in tax avoidance or evasion.

l) Website History
Proposed by: Alex Deam
Summary: Mandate Officers to develop Guild policy against dead website links and to work with the UK Web Archive to keep a history of the Guild website archived.


26th March 2015 at 5:45 pm