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Photography Competition

Redbrick, in conjunction with Photosoc, is holding it’s first photography competition! When is it? This coming weekend – January 27th to 29th, 2012

Redbrick, in conjunction with Photosoc, is holding it’s first photography competition!

When is it?

This coming weekend - January 27th to 29th, 2012. Click here to attend the event on Facebook.

Get involved/How to enter

Absolutely anyone can get involved so long as they have a camera. You will have all weekend to take the photos for as many of the categories as you'd like. They must be brought to Student Development on a memory stick or memory card between 4pm and 6pm on Sunday, 29th of January.

The categories

The University in Motion
Your photos should either 1) reflect the hustle bustle of the university campus, from essay deadline queues to lunch breaks in the university centre, from busy lecture halls to the streams of people coming and leaving the library. And/or 2) reflect the day-to-day activites of individuals on campus, from drinking cups of coffee to working at a computer station, or even showing the little-known or mysterious activities going on around campus. Consider playing with shutter speeds for this task.

Birmingham City centre: Past and Present
Your photos need be be particularly original and creative. Find iconic archetecture, streets, eateries, entertainment venues and modes of transport that take your fancy, but don't be afraid to include the crowds or individuals to give a full depiction of the atmosphere; perhaps there are ironies or juxtapositions to work with. Consider night photography, or using clever angles and viewpoints to make shots interesting.

A day in the life of a student
Your photos should be like a visual diary. From un-made beds to coffee-stained essays, from stepping over piles of vomit to catching the train, from lugging your Sainsbury's shop home to queueing outside Gatecrasher; depict the joys and frustrations of being a student at this university. Show the glamour and the un-glamour. Don't be afraid of being stereotypical. Consider taking your camera everywhere you go for 48 hours.

Selly Oak: centre of the universe?
Your photos should be a more clever version of Google street view. Identify key icons and locations from street signs to park graffiti, from Selly Oak train station to Selly Sausage and snap away! Think interesting angles, think interesting lighting, think interesting viewpoints. This is about transforming the mundane into something interesting.

The prizes

The best photograph in each category will win a £15 Amazon voucher so it is definitely worth your while taking part! A selection of the best images will also be displayed on Redbrick’s website.

If you have any questions please email

This is an opportunity to get really creative with your camera – so please get involved!

Chris Hutchinson Digital Editor at Redbrick


24th January 2012 at 11:22 pm

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